Ok, today I am on a roll… LOL maybe I just have a lot to say… 🙂

When you see someone say at work, in the morning, and you ask “How are you?”, do you actually stop and take a second to listen to what they say back to you? Or do you just keep on going thinking that you started a quick polite conversation? If I ask someone how they are, I generally try to wait to hear their response, and then maybe see if they want to know HOW I am or not. Most of the time no, but that’s ok.. Don’t ask someone something and then bail out before you get a response, you never know what kind of day they are having and might just need to hear a friendly voice…
And another thing, how many times a day do you hear “Have a nice day”?? Too many as far as I’m concerned.. That just seems to leave everything up to “chance”. Why?
It’s up to YOU to make it a good one. No one else. You. We make decisions throughout the day that determine if it is going to be good (nice) or not. So rather than just leaving your day to chance, Make it a good one!
Someday, I would like to hear someone else tell me “Hey, make it a good one”..
LOL.. ok, I’m done.. Thanks for listening.. 🙂

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