Ok, I’m sad.. I think I’m a pretty independent person. I mean, I’m a single mother, I own my home, and all of my stuff.. I don’t have a lot of debt (besides my house).. I do a lot on my own. I never really realized how involved my family is in my life tho. Yes, they have stuck their noses where they don’t belong, but I suppose I allowed that.. 🙂 My brother went back to jail last month, and yes, I do realize how much I miss him all the time. It’s his own fault tho and he knows it. He gets out some time next month and is leaving the state for good. He can’t come back. Kinda bums me out.
My parents have moved out of the state as well. So when he gets out, he’ll be moving out there with them. I think that’s a good thing. I hope he can find himself out there. I guess my point is, I miss my family. Indifferent or otherwise, whether we get along or not.. They are my family and I do miss them. And, that makes me a little sad. Kinda thought I would have more to say, but I guess not. Hope you are doing well.

“Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult”