Seven Wildfires Remain Burning in SoCal Region

The Southern California wildfires that began one week ago are becoming contained one by one, as the cooler weather and lower winds are helping firefighters to battle the blazes.

Of the 20-plus fires that were ravaging the region and driving people out of their homes last week, only seven are still burning.

“Improving weather conditions have allowed firefighters to make good progress on containment percentages on several of the larger fires,” Iskow said. “And there was no significant growth to any of the fires that our crews are assigned to.”

All together, the fires so far have burned over 500,000 acres in the Southern California region, and destroyed 2,300 buildings. Twelve deaths and 78 injuries are attributed to the wildfires.

The federal disaster declaration President George W. Bush signed last Wednesday will provide fire victims with extra money and resources. According to a press release from SurfMedia Communications – the agency that represents the American Red Cross – chapters across the state are accepting financial donations.

Los Padres National Forest spokesman Joe Pasinato said in a press release that the forest, along with Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County, remains closed indefinitely due to fire danger.

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