Holidays are comin….

Sorry, but that just SUCKS. I mean, the day after Halloween, they start with the Christmas music. I remember (not too long ago I thought) when Christmas music didn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving… what happened?!?! In a couple years, they’ll start the “CHRISTMAS SEASON” on July 5th. Blech.
Well, after spending MANY years with a multitude of family and them slowly dying or moving away, Christmas became rather Blah. Then came the kid. And of course, as she gets older, Christmas is becoming a little more fun I guess. Just seeing her light up putting up decorations is just great. I decided when the kid was born that I wasn’t going to do the whole red/green Christmas colors anymore.. Too many memories from Me being a kid.. I like Blue. So I changed Christmas at my house to Blue, White and Silver. (Not for any religions reasons, I just like it). And so does she. So tonight, I think after school me and the kid are going to start the Christmas festivities and begin decorating. That really sets it off for me.. Seeing her get so excited about it all. Kinda nice for me too tho, I let her decorate how ever she wants. So she is rather proud of herself for a great job, and I get to see all her hard work and that big huge smile on her face…
So, the holidays are coming, and ok, I’m getting a little better with it all.. I’ll let ya know how the decorating goes…

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family:
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jane Howard

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