Hope ya’ll had a great weekend… I did. OOH! I tried a new beer. Now, I LOVE me a good wheat beer. There is this microbrew that I tried a couple months ago called FLYING DOG beer. The beer I tried is called IN HEAT Wheat. It is the BOMB. It is just fantastic.. So I call around here to see if anyone carries it. .not so much luck. Bevmo does, but only in the summer, it’s a “Seasonal” beer. Ok that SOOO Sucks. I can buy it online, but like 8.99 for a 6 pk, and 28 bucks to ship. I don’t think so!
So, this guy at Bevmo tells me about Leinenkugle’s Sunset Wheat beer. HE says it is very similar to Flying Dog In Heat Wheat.. He’s tried it too. So, I found it over at Ralphs, and picked me up a 6 pk. I got home and tried it, spit it out. Seriously. It was the worst. I mean, it tasted like FRUITY PEBBLES cereal. Not even Fruit loops.. those are actually good. This was gross. Got one beer down, and man, you’d think it would get better after like 2 right? Nope. Can’t NOT drink the beer.. can’t bring myself to waste it.. Not even after the whole 6pk which took me like 3 hours to drink them all did it get ANY better. SOOOO not me. I LOVE beer.. just about everyone knows that. So… if you LIKE wheat beer, don’t bother with that Leinenkugle.. BLECH

On to the rest of my weekend.. it was Fantastic. I got to have a nice QUIET weekend all by myself. I did Christmas shopping and wrapped presents, and watched Football.. had myself a fire most of the weekend… it was great. Sometimes you just need to be alone for a couple days, perhaps to regain sanity or just rejuvenate. I think it was really good because, being alone, and Christmas coming, let me to think about a lot of my family/friends that have passed on and how much I miss them. That then led to some tears, some dialect out loud with them, and then moving on with my day… I think it really did me a lot of good… I came to some realizations on Saturday, and just let myself “FEEL”. I rarely do that. I do pretty good at hiding it all, but I think since I was alone, in my head it was “ok” to feel… and it felt good.
Sunday, I finished up wrapping stuff and watched football… After that I decided to start reading again. I like the Criminal/Death close to real life kinds of books (and TV shows, and movies.. LOL )
So Patricia Cornwell is an author I really enjoy reading. I have read the entire Kay Scarpetta series and have put off starting Predator because it was the last book. That makes me sad. I can usually finish a book in a day or two. That would have left me very sad waiting for the next book. So I waited. Last night I went slow and only read about 100 pages (19 chapters or so). Come to find out today that the next book was released two months ago, and I wasn’t paying attention. What timing huh?? I think so.. 😉 I think it was the fact that I have ESPN and subconsciously knew there was another book and it was ok to start this one… LMAO
Anway, again, hope ya’ll had a great weekend… I did.

I am content just being me right now… that is very cool..


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