Snow Time..

So Saturday, took the kid and a friend to the snow. DEFINITELY a reminder that I HATE SNOW. Period. I do NOT like to be COLD and WET on purpose. The girls on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed it. Sledding, crashing and having a super time. Snow Sucks. I don’t know how on earth people enjoy going to the mountains and playing in a huge snow cone. My toes were frozen… and taking pictures etc, my hands hurt terribly. But hey.. the girls had a blast!! That’s whats important right? It’s all about what we do for our kids..
Sacrifices we make for our kids (and friends) is what it’s all about. We (as adults) can be miserable, and cold and wet and frozen, as long as the kids are enjoying their selves and make some awesome memories. Honestly, I can’t complain… seeing them laughing their butts off, and having such a great time, it was worth it.
I could really do without the constant singing of Christmas songs tho… LOL there is only so much “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” that I can handle… 😀

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