So, it’s “THAT” time of year again. Christmas trees, decorations, lights, fruitcake, shopping etc… Kinda fun huh? Ya, it can be.. except the shopping part. I have made it my own personal tradition to do my shopping either a couple months in advance (ya, ok, so I TRY) and forget where I put everything or do all my shopping on line. This year, I opted for the latter. Makes my life sooooo much easier. Coupled with the fact that a LOT of places have free shipping… just can’t beat it. 😀 Kinda nice this year.. got it all done a couple weeks ago. Well, except for the “BIG” gift.. the Santa gift. Couldn’t find one. I would be really upset if I didn’t live up to the “My mom is the bestest mom EVER” if I couldn’t get this gift for her. Ok, well, Santa will be the best.
Well, I JUST found the BIG gift yesterday. And I get to pick it up today. I am really excited for it too.. The Kid is going to be sooo happy. Of course she’ll forget about all the “other” stuff but hey.. LOL
Anyhoo… It’s right around the corner.. sneaking up on me nice and quiet.. but I’m ready this time. ok, I’ll be ready by this evening.. and it’s all good. Just think, all of the anticipation of “CHRISTMAS IS COMING” then it just shows up out of nowhere, and then it’s gone. Poof! All of the excitement, over in literally minutes. Sigh. Oh, wait. Then comes New Years a week later. Kinda nice being more of an adult now, and not trying to find the coolest party to go to, just do do things you normally wouldn’t do while completely drunk, end up on a gossip site somewhere and have to wait for hours to get a cab to pick you up.. Now, quiet trips out to the desert to go riding. Now THAT is fun. Being one with “dirt”. Take all the dried out Christmas trees out there… put them all standing (leaning) together… and light them on fire. Now THAT is a sight. Oh, and gotta have “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash playing in the background… Just something to do… 😀 Merry Christmas Everyone.

“Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” ~Dave Barry

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