Tattoos and Piercings..

Well, I finally went and got another tattoo.. so that makes 7. Damn they are addicting.. I REALLY REALLY like the latest one… well, no, I really like all of them.. ok, almost all. I really want to get one removed, or changed or something.. hhmm gotta think about that one. Anyway, the new one is pretty cool.. has some japanese kanji in it, for the kids birthday… Looks really cool.. I’m thinking about posting a picture of it on here.. Dunno yet.
Anyway.. I thought about posting another one that I have as well. I really like it too.. more japanese. I think the Japanese Katakana / Kanji looks so much cooler/nicer.. I’ll decide later if I am going to post a picture.. 🙂
Not sure what is going on in my head.. but I also got a Tragus piercing… that little flap of your ear that you push on when you try to plug your ear.. seemed like a good idea at the time.. but I only did one. I think I need to go back and get the other one done as well.. I feel a little off “balance”.. LOL

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