So, MANY people drink coffee.. I have never been one to drink it.. but I seem to have acquired the taste for it. There are so many different “flavors” or roasts not to mention how many different creamers, I mean this can become like a full blown science!! I don’t think I care much for the foo foo coffee… but I like hazelnut. I was stopping at the gas station every morning to get a cup (ok, 20 oz) of coffee. Seems it cost me more to get off the freeway, stop, get coffee (spending money there) and get back on the freeway, you get the idea.. So I bought a coffee maker. The kind you can “program”. 🙂 Now, I’m ready for coffee.
So I went to Smart & Final, and saw they had this foo foo hazelnut cinnamon coffee… smelled FANTASTIC! (Damn shame they can’t get coffee to TASTE how it smells! LOL) Anyway, I figured, this ought to be great. Ya. Not so much. Drinking it was fine… I mean, the going down part.. but then when you exhale, BLECH!~! It was Gross. Took that to work for everyone else.. 😀 So I got plain old coffee.. threw some hazelnut creamer and a little “splenda” (we stay away from sugar) and viola (or as people SAY it… wallah) Great Coffee. The kid tasted it, and even liked it… ha ha.
Just finished my 20oz coffee as I type this…. 😦 I want more..

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