So this past weekend was busy busy… I had NO idea that a person has THIS many muscles or just this many places to HURT!! LOL The kid and I went to help some friends “Demo” their backyard. Got to use a cool “bobcat” (shown below) to tear shit up.. LOL It was a blast.. Ok, so the kid didn’t do any of that, but she got to play with their kids all weekend.. We pretty much stayed there, too tired (ok, too many beers to drive too) to drive home.. so just got up early and got to work… I don’t really have any grass or trees per se to be able to tear my shit up.. HA HA Alas, this, was a BLAST! Was gonna start working out again yesterday, but shit I could barely move my arms or legs… I had used a sledgehammer for quite a while to break up some concrete, and my back is KILLING ME!! Here are a couple pics of what we did.. 😀 Have a FANTASTIC day!!



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