This is the title..

So there’s a saying that damn near EVERYONE has heard before… “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” Ok, if that is the case, I would really like for someone to tell me HOW does He KNOW how much I can handle?!?! I mean.. a lot of things have happened over the last couple weeks.. I even got to deal with my brother. And that was actually NICE!! I really enjoyed spending time with him and I even got to put him in his place a couple times.. LOL.. So that was worth it. Something I did notice the last couple days tho.. I miss him. I hate when he’s not around.. As much of shit that he is..
Anyway, back to God. How in his infinite wisdom does He what we as people can deal with an not deal with?? I mean really. What about those people that decide they Can’t deal with shit anymore and commit suicide? Did God go a little too far there? Does that mean we CAN’T handle it all?! Ok, I have NO intentions of suicide or anything like that.. but stress certainly got me thinking about all this and it sucks.. Ya, I am strong person. I can handle a lot.. and it’s cool.. but sometimes.. a BREAK would be really nice!!
Anyway.. things are quieting down now.. and it’s nice.. I suppose this is my little break.. nothing going on.. besides the normal shit.. Work, School, Chores etc… Gonna take off this weekend for a little R&R with some friends to watch a desert moto race. Oh ya, and drink beer. 😀

Too Young To Die..

These last few days have been pretty bad. To get right to it, I lost my 18 yr old cousin. He was riding his motorcycle and wrecked it on Wednesday.. My brother flew out here to see him as well. Circumstances SUCK but he’s here. I miss him terribly and I’m glad he’s here. My cousin tho… 18. WAAY to young. Why!?!? Had so much to live for. I am pissed and angry but, on the other hand, he’s with his dad now… I am happy for that. Very much so. I have been around so much family (MANY cousins) and it has been really good. Again, circumstances SUCK but, we have all come back in touch, and that is great. Sleep hasn’t happened too much since Wednesday.. 😦
Top top it all off, make matters worse, however you want to put it.. I didn’t get to see the kid for her birthday. THAT really bummed me out. I did talk to her, and she amazes me how “grown up” she is. She was ok with it.. She told me we would do something together when she comes home. I can’t WAIT for that. Miss the shit out of her..
Damn, soooo many emotions, I mean, really. It’s difficult to maintain composure at times. I have said it before, and this won’t be the last time either… LIFE IS SHORT. Period. Live each day like you won’t be around tomorrow… Live it to the fullest. My brother and I were driving and heard “Time of your life” by Greenday.. Very fitting. To my cousin… I love you man. Take care and I’ll see you when i get there.
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.I hope you had the time of your life.” Greenday

Common Sense..

This was sent to me this morning… and couldn’t resist posting it..

Obituary for MR. COMMON SENSE.

My parents told me about Mr. Common Sense early in my life and told me I would do well to call on him when making decisions. It seems he was always around in my early years but less and less as time passed by. Today I read his obituary. Please join me in a moment of silence in remembrance, for Common Sense had served us all so well for so many generations.

Common Sense

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn’t always fair, and maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not children are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job they themselves failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer Aspirin, sun lotion or a Band aid to a student, but could not inform the parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live when religions became businesses and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar can sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust; his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason. He is survived by three stepbrothers; I Know my Rights, Someone Else is to Blame, and I’m a Victim.

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

Whomever wrote it… Very nicely put. Kinda sad tho how TRUE it really is.

Good Start..

Well, 2008 is off to a good start… I made it thru January without getting bronchitis/pneumonia as I have for the last couple years.. very cool. The kid however, got ANOTHER strep infection. 3rd one in 8 months.. Time to get the tonsils out I think. Talked to the dr already, she is pretty much in agreeance.
Kindof exciting this month, the kid is gonna be 8 years old. This year, I got her exactly what she wants. No clothes, or socks or any of the crap she pretends so well to be happy about.. LOL Ok, she wanted an RC car, so I spent some cash and got her a REALLY super cool one for her birthday. It’s a Losi Mini Truck. It’s waaay cool. It goes almost 20mph. It’s upgradeable too.. So it will be a good starter RC car for her. She wanted something pretty simple I’m sure.. she will NEVER expect this, so that’s just “wicked” (as Ron Weasely would say ha ha). I can’t wait to see her face light up.. 😀
What else is going on.. oh yea.. Valentine’s day. I hate that holiday. Why do we celebrate how we feel about someone ONE DAY of the year. I mean, shouldn’t we be doing that on a DAILY basis!?!! Ok, so this is the origination of Valentine’s day.. I “THINK” so if I am wrong.. I’m sorry. Here goes:
The festival of love, which is celebrated on February 14 each year is an expression of what the people believed in their pagan religion to be divine love. This festival was invented more than 1700 years ago, at a time when paganism (shirk) was still prevalent among the Romans. Whilst their state was still idolatrous, they executed Saint Valentine, who had converted to Christianity after having been a pagan.
When the Romans converted to Christianity, they made the day of his execution an occasion to celebrate the martyrs of love. This festival is still celebrated in the Americas and Europe, to declare feelings of friendship and to renew the covenant of love between spouses and lovers. This festival now has great social and economic significance.
I still disagree with the whole candy and flowers crap on ONE day of the year… Treat your significant other, they way you will on Valentine’s day, EVERY DAY of the year. Who knows.. maybe we’ll all be a happier people because of it. 🙂
Anyway.. Let’s see.. Oh.. got the taxes done. It’s a good year for me. 😉 Getting a nice chunk of change, kind of a forced savings account for me. I like it. Life is pretty good right now. I can’t complain.
Going to head up to Havasu for President’s day. Should be too cold to go on the lake, but just right to go riding. 🙂 That should be a LOT of fun. Then let’s see.. There is a race in Adelanto at the end of the month that my “drinkin” buddy is racing in, so that will be a nice little trip.
Oh, got back in touch with some of my cousins that I haven’t spoken to in a very long time. We made some plans to get together Saturday to have some lunch and some beers and play catch up. I am really excited to see them.
Oh. Yea.. Superbowl.. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I am obviously a Steeler fan, but I’ll tell you.. I am SOOOOOO glad the Giants won. I would have been glad the RAIDERS won if they had played the Patriots (ROTFLMAO ok, that was funny).. but anyway.. I do NOT like New England, and honestly, with Tom Brady’s shitty attitude, I’m GLAD he lost. Karma is a bitch man. 😀
Hope you all have a great week!