Good Start..

Well, 2008 is off to a good start… I made it thru January without getting bronchitis/pneumonia as I have for the last couple years.. very cool. The kid however, got ANOTHER strep infection. 3rd one in 8 months.. Time to get the tonsils out I think. Talked to the dr already, she is pretty much in agreeance.
Kindof exciting this month, the kid is gonna be 8 years old. This year, I got her exactly what she wants. No clothes, or socks or any of the crap she pretends so well to be happy about.. LOL Ok, she wanted an RC car, so I spent some cash and got her a REALLY super cool one for her birthday. It’s a Losi Mini Truck. It’s waaay cool. It goes almost 20mph. It’s upgradeable too.. So it will be a good starter RC car for her. She wanted something pretty simple I’m sure.. she will NEVER expect this, so that’s just “wicked” (as Ron Weasely would say ha ha). I can’t wait to see her face light up.. 😀
What else is going on.. oh yea.. Valentine’s day. I hate that holiday. Why do we celebrate how we feel about someone ONE DAY of the year. I mean, shouldn’t we be doing that on a DAILY basis!?!! Ok, so this is the origination of Valentine’s day.. I “THINK” so if I am wrong.. I’m sorry. Here goes:
The festival of love, which is celebrated on February 14 each year is an expression of what the people believed in their pagan religion to be divine love. This festival was invented more than 1700 years ago, at a time when paganism (shirk) was still prevalent among the Romans. Whilst their state was still idolatrous, they executed Saint Valentine, who had converted to Christianity after having been a pagan.
When the Romans converted to Christianity, they made the day of his execution an occasion to celebrate the martyrs of love. This festival is still celebrated in the Americas and Europe, to declare feelings of friendship and to renew the covenant of love between spouses and lovers. This festival now has great social and economic significance.
I still disagree with the whole candy and flowers crap on ONE day of the year… Treat your significant other, they way you will on Valentine’s day, EVERY DAY of the year. Who knows.. maybe we’ll all be a happier people because of it. 🙂
Anyway.. Let’s see.. Oh.. got the taxes done. It’s a good year for me. 😉 Getting a nice chunk of change, kind of a forced savings account for me. I like it. Life is pretty good right now. I can’t complain.
Going to head up to Havasu for President’s day. Should be too cold to go on the lake, but just right to go riding. 🙂 That should be a LOT of fun. Then let’s see.. There is a race in Adelanto at the end of the month that my “drinkin” buddy is racing in, so that will be a nice little trip.
Oh, got back in touch with some of my cousins that I haven’t spoken to in a very long time. We made some plans to get together Saturday to have some lunch and some beers and play catch up. I am really excited to see them.
Oh. Yea.. Superbowl.. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I am obviously a Steeler fan, but I’ll tell you.. I am SOOOOOO glad the Giants won. I would have been glad the RAIDERS won if they had played the Patriots (ROTFLMAO ok, that was funny).. but anyway.. I do NOT like New England, and honestly, with Tom Brady’s shitty attitude, I’m GLAD he lost. Karma is a bitch man. 😀
Hope you all have a great week!

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