Well.. I haven’t really had much to say lately.. things are just kinda rollin along… I seem to have the kid more and more now, which has been kinda nice. I was having such a difficult time when she would be gone with her dad for his weekend.. seems she was gone forever and I would get REALLY bored..
Anyway, I think I’m gonna hit the dirt/desert this weekend, and get some riding in. Then the following weekend, supposed to go up and see the parental figures and Brother for his 30th birthday. I am excited to see them, but I HATE cold weather and they know it.. Blah.
I have some extra people coming out with me for my brother as a surprise.. (a couple more cousins, one is meeting me up there, that he knows about, but not the two that are coming with me).. can’t wait to see his expression he’s gonna be soooo damn happy.
My pops has a respiratory infection, so I hope he is doing better before I get out there. Seems according to the weather, it is snowing there this week, and the time we are all going out there, supposed to be sunny then rain all week after we leave.. Kinda diggin’ that.. Bringin a Ray of sunshine to the depths of .. well you know.. 😉
Nothing else really new.. like I said.. things have been kinda quiet.. OH! Don’t know if I mentioned it before/yet, but I found a local liquor store that started carrying FLYING DOG BEER. But, they didn’t carry In Heat Wheat. So I asked if they could, and he said sure.. I’ll order it today it’ll be here Tuesday.. Now, the shelves ALWAYS have my beer for me.. Ah, the simple things in life..

“Happiness is having your favorite ice cold beer, good friends to enjoy it with and some kick ass music” ~ Me.


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