Birthdays and other annoyances..

I’m not sure about all of you, but I am still not too sure about “Birthdays”. I mean, kinda pointless really. First you have the whole “work” thing. People who normally have nothing to say to you all year long, find out it’s your birthday and want to be a part of the cake and singing bullshit. WHY exactly? You don’t talk to me during the year, but want to pretend to be my friend for 3 minutes? NO THANKS. I removed my name from all that work politics shit. Then you have friends and family. Well, family who are just complete assholes, and “TEXT” you rather than actually making a phone call. Or have your neices CALL you to say happy birthday. Whatever. And then you have friends (or supposed friends) that you may have known ALL your life that just blow you off completely. Nice huh? Don’t get me wrong.. other family and friends called, emailed, or sent ecards for which I am very grateful… I love you guys.. 😀
So I had some plans to “celebrate” my birthday. That was a mistake. I planned to go to the river to hang out for the weekend.. but that went south.. seems you really should include EVERYONE in plans being made especially when “OTHER” plans have been in place for a while already, tends to throw a wrench in shit. Then changed plans to go to the desert.
ANYTHING that could have possibly gone WRONG this past weekend did. Trucks breaking down, Off Road Vehicles needing a tune up (shit it’s been THAT long already!?!) .. so didn’t go there either. No ones fault for anything, just that “Shit happens”. You know what tho, it’s cool.. Me and the kid got a LOT accomplished this weekend, and I am really happy with that.. Cleaned the yard, pulled weeds, cleaned the BBQ (YUK)… Put away Christmas boxes (Finally) and I’ll tell ya.. didn’t realize I have THAT MUCH space in my house! LOL
Oh and my clothes dryer took a shit. Doesn’t get HOT anymore. No, it actually doesn’t get any HEAT period. Gotta call someone to come out to check that for me.. take time off work.. Oh goodie. What’s new.. something else I have to fork out money I don’t have to fix…
And why do people who are in your life (or not anymore for whatever reason i.e. DIVORCE) so annoying?? Why do people want to just make my life so difficult and pissy!?!?! Why can’t shit just BE EASY for once!?!?
And while I’m “ranting” today… Don’t lend money to ANYONE. Period. “We’ll pay you back on Tuesday for some money today”. Ya. Right. Stressful. Annoying. Ugh.
Anyhow.. hope ya’ll have a real good week.

I’m not crazy, M’Lynn, I’ve just been in a bad mood for the last 40 years” Ouiser from Steel Magnolias


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