Where have I been??

It’s been awhile… Things have been busy like usual.. So, I sold my house.. Well, I accepted an offer.. So now gotta wait for escrow to open and start packing. Been looking closer to work for a HOUSE to rent, found a couple, so need to check those out. Been going to Arizona a couple times to check out schools and economy out there, and in some areas, not so good. O well.
Need to seriously get to work on side work for websites or something, so that I can start making some decent money. I would like to move and not have to work, besides on my computer, and be with the Kid before and after school… I know.. Keep dreamin’. I’m gonna try tho damn it!!
So, anyway, that’s about it.. been working on some projects for the kids class, like makin volcanos and dinosaurs (stegosaurus) out of clay… Kinda fun. She’s learning how to write a report taking FACTS from the computer, and making it into her own words.. I was trying to explain plagiarism to her, and she started to get so upset thinking all the information she got was Plagiarizing. I explained it all to her, and what the difference is… she felt much better… Man, she rocks.
So, she really wants to move, but I have a couple hurdles to jump in order to do that, so I’m trying to be realistic, and say it will be at least 6 months before we can move outta here. It’s cool… I can hang a little while longer.. Success isn’t easy to achieve, if it were, we’d all be rich.
Hope everyone is doing well! Peace!
“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be”