Finally moved… ok, well almost.. I mean, got all the “required” stuff in the new house just so we can “live” there.. Now, it’s just multiple trips to finish getting the “rest” of my shit… Have a bunch of stuff for decorating that I just don’t want anymore, so I traded stuff with a friend of mine who is giving me a couple Miller Lite Neon signs to put in my garage along with some racing shit too… Gotta have a cool garage.. Oh ya.. and the pool table is goin in there.. Drinkin’ and driving sucks sooooo bad, so might as well make the pad a little more enjoyable. 😀 ya I know.. I’m a dork.
The dog is rather enjoying the new place.. I think she really likes grass!! HAHA The yard was sooo small at the old place, so she’s in heaven now… she prances around the yard and hops like a rabbit.. pyscho dog. The kid is lovin the new place too… ONE STORY!!! woo hoo.. no more stairs for my poor knees.. I bought a new bedding set and the kid ALWAYS wants what I have… so… I found one on sale (GREAT PRICE BTW) for her Full size bed. It’s made by JEEP and it is similar colors to my set, so she’ll be happy. I told her no more Camouflage in her room.. BUT, to surprise her, the sheet set it comes with is like dirt camo (light, and simple) with boot prints all over it.. Works very well for my little Tomboy.. 😉
I’ve gotten soooo much done already, so I’m pretty happy.. have some more things to do… the area rugs showed up yesterday, so those will be all done by tonight… (of course that’s if I don’t get any beer on the way home today 😉 )
Anyway, hope ya’ll are doing well… I’m doing GREAT… (which is a nice change) Cheers!


It’s all good..

So, I sold my house… and now I am in the process of moving.. Was hoping to get the keys sooner than I did, but that didn’t happen, alas, I have them now, and am starting the process.. I have decided that since I have some time to do it, I am going to move gradually, rather than cram everything into 2 days. This way, I can actually put things in their right places as I go, which will make it even smoother.. I am very excited about it now.. I spent yesterday and last night cleaning it all.. and replacing things that just needed to be done. It’s a really nice feeling. I had a beer in the backyard last night by myself and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.. then couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t shut my mind off thinking about where I want to put everything, then changing it in my head over and over.. haha Anyway, been busy packing etc, so haven’t been around much. I’ll be back once I get moved and settled in. Til then, Peace.

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Ho Hum..

Do you ever find days… or multiple days where everything is just “blah”. Not for any particular reason, it just is. Like crying but not really about anything. Or just when nothing in your life seems to be better than just “blah”. I seem to go in cycles. And right now I’m in it. Not for any particular reason I don’t think. At least I’m not sure of. I mean, my house is damn near sold.. waiting for Escrow to open, so that is a GREAT thing for me. Can finally get back to having a savings account again.. I’m as healthy as I can be, I suppose, so that’s good.. The Kid is awesome, and that is just super. Yet, I’m still blah. I think my absolute WORST quality as a human being is that I procrastinate everything. I know that I have a condition that makes me tired all the time, but I seem to use that as an excuse. That sucks. But I really AM tired all the time. I KNOW what I need to start doing in order to make my life better, but I am not doing it. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do so on a daily basis. Kinda like working out. I NEED to do that too, but when we get home, there’s homework, and laundry etc… so I find something ELSE to do rather than what I need to do.
The fact that I recognize this behavior SHOULD make it easier maybe to know that I need to get off my ass and do something productive. I WANT to.. I really do. I just can’t force myself to do it.
Hence, “Ho Hum” or just “Blah”.
What to do? What can I do to light a HUGE MASSIVE fire under my butt to get things done and get my life in order!?!?
I bought this great bracelet that is called a Mobius Strip and it has the Serenity prayer on it. People have asked me why I am wearing an AA bracelet. (Which for me, that is kinda funny, altho I have been to AA and I am not knocking it by any means, I’m just not wearing it for that purpose). I am wearing this bracelet, because every single morning I get out of bed I HAVE to ask for the Serenity to “Accept the things I can not change”. That is sooo important to me right now. I want to control everything, and when I can’t, I get pissed. Really pissed. So, I want to learn how to 1. accept what I have no control over, and 2. BE OK WITH IT. That is just one part of the serenity prayer. That is the only part I am working on ME for right now. The rest, will come once I can get thru the first part I think.
Anyway.. until next time.