Well, I got me a new dog.  Well a puppy really.  My dog needed a buddy.. like bad.  I’ve come to realize my dogs problem.  When she was 6 mo’s old, kids tied her up to a pole and cut the shit out of her.  Stabbed her… required stitches.  Fast forward 2 years, and she’s great..  She does very well with me and the kid.. kinda protective.. which is cool.  But here’s the deal.  If she is “tied up”, and people come around, she goes APE SHIT.  Seriously, acts like she wants to rip their heads, hands, arms, legs off.  No joke.  BUT.  If I don’t have her tied up, I can have people over in the backyard, and she’s great.  Licks them to death..  Poor dog.

Anyway, so I got another dog.  Another Pit to be exact…  she’s Beautiful, and 7 months old, and just awesome..  She follows me everywhere, without a leash… BUT she’s getting a little more comfortable with her surroundings and keeps going a little further and a little further..  gotta stop that one. 😀  
So, at first, my dog thought new dog was coming to take over.. so she body checked her and slammed her until she hid.  Mind you they are the same size.. like 40 lbs..  Had the older dog on a leash just so I could pull her away from puppy quickly. After a couple hours of this I undid the leash and followed them around the yard…  What a work out!!!
Anyway, after a bit, they started to get a long great… ok, for the MOST part LOL.  They played for hours and hours… puppy slept UNDER my bed and older dog prolly slept in the kids room on her bed where she ain’t supposed to be.  
After a couple days of this, you’d think they’d get along… well, like I said, for the most part.  Old dog still gets pissy if puppy comes and hangs out by me too long, or too close and just yells at her and runs her off.. 
Damn Dogs.

One thought on “Puppy..

  1. I never followed up with this one… That “great” puppy.. LUCY tried to kill Desi.. no joke. I got home from work and there was no white on Desi.. all BLOOD. Took over 60 stitches to fix her up and every ounce of whatever is in me to not have killed LUCY. She was gone the next day.. gave her away… I really think Lucy was short for LUCIFER. Hated that dog.

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