So today I went back to read some of the first posts that I made… it’s been a year.  WOW.  I have actually stuck with something for an entire year…  THAT kids, is a very nice accomplishment for me.  I procrastinate.. like sooo bad.  In just about every aspect of my life.  I admit, I am not the best at “finishing” ALL of the things I start either.  (ok, that sucked to admit that out loud.. ) So, the fact that I am still doing this for a whole year, gives me a little hope.  I do have ONE single, no wait TWO goals that I need to get moving on…  I have soo many ideas for one of them, but in order to get to work on that one, I need to accomplish a different goal first.   I’ve talked about it before, and yes, I am STILL procrastinating.. UGH, this is depressing.  Ok, so shit, I’ve GOT TO DO SOMETHING.  I need to get off my ass and do this shit already!!  I am so content with my life right now, I’m L~A~Z~Y.  I hate lazy.. 

If ANYONE has any suggestions (besides Tony Robins) on what I can do/think to get more MOTIVATED, I’m all ears… 
Oh, I found a bunch of books that I had packed away of poetry that I have written over the years.. like over the last 17 or so years..  Reading thru some of it, I laughed like loud at how juvenile and high school some of them sound…  It was rather comforting…  I’ll probably post some of it up here in the next week or so.. 

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