Groovin’ & Shakin’..

So, I’m sure everyone knows by now, we had a pretty big jolt today… A nice 5.4 earthquake.  I was at work, and I thought a semi truck slammed into the office.  Most of the office pretty much hauled ass to get out of the building while it was rolling…  I have been thru the Northridge quake, and the whittier narrows quake in 87, and multiple more smaller quakes, all of my life.  I can honestly say, they really don’t bother me much.  My chair at my desk started rolling around, and my monitor fell over as well.  I just kinda sat there and held on to the desk just waiting it out.  

I did get up just before it was over to talk to another worker in the office (she and I were the only ones who didn’t “run” out).   Then, evacuated the building to make sure everything was safe to come in.  Kinda messy.  Ceiling tiles fell, many monitors fell too.  I think some things in the plant weren’t right because most of the plant workers left for the day shortly after.  The phone lines in the building were down for a bit, and EVERYONES cell phones wouldn’t work.  I know most was due to literally millions of people trying to call each other, but also, AT&T/Cingular did have issues due to the quake.  That made it really difficult for me, as I couldn’t get a hold of the kid.  I was more stressed about talking to her than of the quake itself!
Alas, I did find out she was ok and actually helped out at daycare with the younger kids to keep them calm..  She is such a cool kid.  Love Her!
Oh, and I heard that a friend of mine was giving birth right about the same time.  Can you imagine?!?! 
Anyway, so that’s about it for the earthquake.  I am actually in the epicenter of it.  Literally.  So it really was kinda cool.  🙂  And, besides that event, nothing much happening lately..  Just enjoying the kid and chillin’. 

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