iPhone Pt 2..

Well, I went ahead and upgraded…   I even went so far as upgrading to 2.0.1  So far so good… I don’t see any issues with it.. except one thing that bugs the shit outta me..   When I get a text, and I hit reply to get the sms thingy to open, takes FOREVER…  Annoying!!!

Other than that, pretty cool…  I did see the Hold em game and that is actually WHY I upgraded.. THAT was soooo cool.. .Love it!!
Anyway…  Still debating on getting the NEW 3G iPhone, but still can’t bring myself to do so..  I mean, the only thing I don’t have that the new ones do is the GPS and something else that I have already been living without, so…  I’m sure in another release, 1st gen phones may get it some day..   Until then…   Hope everyone is doing well. 
I need a vacation.

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