Scared Shitless..

So.. today just might have been the most frightening day of my entire existence.  Just to make a long story short (as per custody agreement, she was with her dad last night), the Kid never showed up at school today..  Couldn’t get a hold of ANYONE to find out what was up.  So in my head, there had to have been some accident, she’s … anyway.. you get the idea.  So I leave work, go driving around and finally find her with her dad.  All fear aside at this point, now I have moved on to “SHEER RAGE”.  The kid and her dad apparently had too much fun at the fair last night, and decided to “sleep in”.  

OK, WRONG!  You don’t ignore your phone or her MOTHER and fail to mention her where abouts since she is not at SCHOOL where she should be!!  UGH!  
Maybe I was out of line being that worried, but no one could get ahold of her dad or anything.  I think the “excuse” is what pissed me off to no end.  
So, now.. I’m just LIVID. I’m sure that will last a while.  
People Suck.

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