Getting away..

So this week, I’ve worked already 36 hours and it’s only wednesday…  I am gonna take friday off, and leave for the weekend..  I believe I am going to head out thursday night, get a hotel room, and hang out in Lake Havasu, hit up the nekkid turtle for some beers and wait for some friends to show up friday…   Busy week, and very STRESSFUL week, so it will be nice just to hang with me, and some adults for the weekend..  This will be the last havasu trip I *Think* for the season… maybe one more Mojave run, but not sure..  NEXT weekend however, I am taking the kid out to the dry lake bed to go dirt bike riding.  Well, quading I guess haha.  Some friends have kids and smaller dirtbikes, so I am going to teach the kid how to ride a TWO wheeler dirtbike.  She can ride a bicycle just fine… but this will be waay cool.  I can’t wait..  Riding season is upon us, and we are blessed with so much.. dirt.  Thank you God. 🙂

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!  I will be floating down the river with beers and not thinking about shit for a few days…  

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