Good Times..

So I took my kid camping and dirt biking this weekend…  Thought it was going to be a beautiful weekend.. Anyway, so she has her quad and LOVES it..  Kicks ass on it.  Well, all of the kids out there were boys on dirt bikes.  She couldn’t keep up on her quad, so she was getting kinda pissed off.  So my buddy’s neighbor (Unbelievable patience!) said he would teach her to ride a dirt bike.  Wow.  My kid did GREAT!  I was really impressed.  She didn’t fall, and she even started to learn how to shift!  I took some pictures of her and can’t wait to see how they turned out.  She was awesome this weekend.  So I putzed around with all the kids..  The adults all took off to ride, and I hung with the kiddie bunch, and had a ball.. Did some serious off roading, and made new trails.  Took a couple out in the rhino and that was fun..  Didn’t scare them too bad. 😉 Took my godson (2) on the kids quad, and he had so much fun… Kept telling me “Go Auntie, Go!”  THAT was a blast right there..  It was very cool to just hang with the kids..  I think we crashed out at like 730 saturday night.. LONG DAY.

 The kid kept trying to get the kids to trade with her.  It actually worked out because the boys hadn’t ridden a quad before, so they had fun, and she got to practice riding a 2 wheeler.  So at one point on saturday, I had  all the kids out, and we were across from camp, well my kid didn’t see the berm, and just ate shit.  Flew off the quad like a rag doll. Landed pretty hard too.  She got a nice bruise on her hip too.  But after a nice 2 hour nap (that kid was exhausted) she was ready to roll again.. 
The winds kicked up soooo bad, about 40MPH and never died down on saturday.. hard to have a campfire without setting the entire place ablaze.  Sunday was great..  Beautiful, no wind.. So I took the kids for a nice trek before going home..  All in all…  GOOD TIMES.. 

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