So, it was bound to happen eventually, I crashed my quad. The last couple times haven’t been too bad.. some scratched up plastics… a bit of road rash..  not too bad.  This time was a little different.  So we were all going across the lakebed about 40mph.  I’ve done this a million times.  I *thought* we were already passed the bomb craters so I was haulin ass.  There was a fair amount of dust blowin around from all the bikes, and once that cleared up I was right on top of  a huge crater.  I kinda knew already that I was done.  There was another one right behind it, so there was no saving myself.  I just hung on and hoped for the best.  I recall hitting the crater, and trying to correct the wheels to land, and that’s about it.  My girlfriend was behind me in the Rhino, and saw the whole thing.  She said that I held on for two flips, and then the bike threw me about 20 feet.  It certainly *FEELS* like it. (Thank God the kid was back at camp riding in the kids buggy with the boys and didn’t see it)  I don’t recall who was around me, as I was disoriented.  I remember trying to get up, but I was in a lot of pain and fell back down.  I recall my friend helping me to my feet and trying to get me to the Rhino.  I stood on my left leg, and then started to walk.  My right leg just rolled inside my boot and felt like mush.  I about took her 110lb ass down with me.  I didn’t recognize where we were, and I got a bit scared.. I don’t like that feeling AT ALL.  Anyhow, the ambulance took me to the ER in Joshua Tree (NEVER go to hi desert medical center).  It sucked ass.  They took xrays of my back and my ankle that I figured was broken.  Turns out, my back is good, however, every single muscle back there tightened up to prepare for the fall and has since stayed in that position.. HURTS LIKE HELL.  My ankle was ok.. not broken.. Thank Goodness.  Oh but wait, your Tibia and Fibula are both broken in half.  So much for hoping it was dislocated. So they picked me up, and we went back to camp..  I got a nice shower, and went to bed.  Funny thing is, I have two bones that are in HALF in my leg, and it doesn’t hurt near as bad as my back…  O well..  Because the breaks are so nice (nice?? that’s what my orthopedic said), I don’t have to have surgery so long as I stay off my right leg for 6 weeks.  Try driving with a right broken leg.. HAHA  Gas with right toes, break with left foot.. kinda fun! CRUTCHES SUCK!!  Anyone know what I should do to stop getting a rash on my sides??  Anyway, I should be able to walk by December 1st, and with a couple weeks of rehab, back on my bike for New Years…  Oh, after I fix one of the broken arm thingys that goes to the wheel, the skid plate, and my clutch.  My ice chest rack is all tweaked, but I’m leaving that alone.. It’s “custom” now.. 🙂  Need a reminder.. 

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  🙂  

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