No Idea..

So I had no clue how much pain this would cause.. my back hurts the WORST.  it aches and aches.. Mornings are the hardest time of the day.. My leg has been elevated for the most part, all night, and then trying to stand, and all the blood rushing down, holy hell shit it hurts.  And crutches.. don’t get me started.  I BLOODY HATE THEM.. They are causing rashes on my sides, and my arms.. my hands are bruised from the hand grip thingys..  SUCKS big time.  It’s been over a week now, and I am soooo tired of being in pain all the time.. I wish I could get my Back to stop hurting!!  I could at least function better.. 

So saturday, I was relaxing most of the day.. kept my leg elevated so that it kept the swelling down.  Well I went out back to pick up dog poop, and pretty much fell and ate shit.  I remembered to put the good leg down to break my fall, however, that ripped off the scab that I had there.  Like just ripped it right off.  Blood running down my leg.. Sucked.  So I said to myself “Self, we gotta clean this up and get the grass out of it”…  well, apparently now the nerve endings are exposed, and HURT LIKE HELL.  So I decided to put peroxide on it.  Shit, might as well have just poured a shitload of salt on it.  Prolly would have hurt less..  so I’m sitting there hollerin pretty loud and my lovely dog is next to me and starts howling.. LOL  Pretty funny actually.  So then I think, Ok, that hurt, lemme just pour some water on it..  Crap!  That hurt too!  Well, I got it cleaned up, and put some gauze on it.  Stupid.  That shit sticks to exposed skin like another skin.  Try getting THAT off.. I can’t seem to do anything right..  Now, I have to sleep with no shirt on, because they all stick to my shoulder, then I forget in the morning, and take a shirt off, and rip off half my shoulder in the process. So, I’m done sleeping in a shirt for a while.   The other day, I don’t know what I did, but I woke up in the morning, and when I sat up, I heard a “pop”.  Didn’t know what it was, but damn it hurts… and now it hurts in the FRONT like by my collar bone..  Someone just shoot me now.
Anyway… that’s how it’s going for me.  Shitty.  Hope life is better for all of you right now.. 😦

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