The Kid..

Hope everyone had a great weekend.. I’m kind of tired.  Well, maybe not so much tired as frustrated.  Maybe both. Frustrated as all hell, because I still can’t walk.  I mean that alone… Is killing me.  I am pretty independent and much prefer to do things myself.  Not having to ask someone for help or to do something for me.  And now, I find myself doing just that.  It sucks.

I was finding myself trying to still doing things on my own for a bit, which I am still able to do.. you know, like go pee by myself, that kind of thing.  I can shower by myself now, that took a bit to get used to.. but I can do it.  I can even give my puppies a bath in the shower on my own!  Anyway, So this whole thing has been quite an adjustment.  There are things still, If I don’t do them, they won’t get done.  So that puts me between a rock and a hard place.  I mean, I am supposed to STAY OFF my leg.  Period.  (Oh, and I don’t have to have surgery as of yet.. Dr said the slip is very slight, and to stay off it and wait another week (this thursday) to check xrays again.. )  So, trying to stay off my leg, while cleaning the bathroom, and vaccuuming, and doing a bunch of laundry oh, and changing the sheets on our beds.  I’ll tell ya, the kid has been such a ROCK for me.  She’s done soo much to help me and with minimal complaining.  “Why do I have to be such a slave mom?!?!”   haha.  She kicked her shin on the table and started hollering about it, so I looked at her and said “Hhhmm  my leg is broken.  Do you see me acting like that?”   She said “No, but you’re bigger and you can handle it.  I’m just a kid and IT HURTS!”.. LOL I feel really bad for her today.  She’s been doing so much and being such a help, so last evening, she was holding Max (her guinea pig) and brought him to me and said “Mom, why is max so tired?”  I held him for a minute and anyone that has a guinea pig knows they dart around everywhere, and RARELY sit still..  Well, Max just laid in my hand and was “sleepy”.  So, I had the not so pleasureable experience of telling the kid last night that Max wasn’t going to make it.  She had just been to Petco yesterday and saw rats and stuff on those running wheels.. so she said “Mom, Max is going to the Big wheel in the sky huh?”  Talk about heart breaking.  So we sat with him and pet him for a bout an hour to make him comfortable.  We had to run to a friends to pick up the fire pit (chilly last night!) and so we did that.  I think Max waited til the kid left for a few minutes, and then died while she was gone.  Thought that was pretty cool of him.  Burial services and ceremony will be held this evening at the house.  
See you up in the “big wheel” in the sky someday Max.  Rock on dude. 

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