Weekend from Hell..

This has been like one of THE WORST weekends.  Friday I went to the Chiropractor to start getting my back better.  Turns out (long story short) since the accident on Oct 18th, I’ve been walking around with a dislocated Rib.  No wonder I’ve been in so much pain.  Dr couldn’t believe I waited as long as I did (besides fighting with insurance who maintains it’s not medically necessary to see a chiro)…  Anyway.  So on to the rest.  

Saturday morning about 930am a fire broke out by the 91/71 fwys.  I was going into to Orange County to visit my girlfriend and her kids, then my sister.  I figured that it was “just another fire”, and no big deal.  
PhotobucketSo I go out there, hang out for a bit and at about 2 (after taking numerous pictures) decided I better head out to find out how to get home.  I get on the 57 northbound, and right about Imperial Hwy, I see cars turning around, and going UP THE ONRAMP.  Wrong way guys.. Idiots.  (The freeway was closed at Lambert).  
Then people were getting out of their cars and walking away.  Anyway, I get off at Lambert and think, ok, maybe the canyon is open.  So I head that way.  That was where the Brea Cyn fire started.  I have a video of all of the flames that I encountered on the way to the Canyon.  I get to the cyn and they turned me around and said No.  It’s closed, it’s ALL on fire.  Great.  So I make A GIANT circle and pretty much back where I started at it’s been almost 1 1/2 hours now.  I decided to go up to Harbor and hit Pathfinder.  NIGHTMARE.  It took me over 4 hours to get home where it is usually 20 minutes.  So I got home and some friends came over and we could see over the hills where the amber color was from the fires.  It looked pretty cool  (Yes, stupid comment, but it did)  Anyway.  Went inside about 1030 and things were still ok.  Woke up because it started to stink (fire) pretty bad at about 3am.  Went outside, and the entire hills were on fire.  
PhotobucketThey evacuated the street behind me.  My neighbors were all out and we all just watched the fire for a while.  I got stuff ready to evacuate, but thank the Lord, I didn’t have to.  Talk about scary.  That was soo close and I’ve never had to evacuate, or gotten this close to it.  I haven’t had a whole lot of sleep, so I’m rather tired, and I’m at work today but school is closed (thank goodness) because of air quality.  There’s a bunch more but that’s the jist of it, and I’m glad it’s pretty much over.  And I’m safe.  And Blessed.  😀

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