So, it’s now Fall.  Really wouldn’t know it in So Cal.  We’ve had temperatures still in the 90’s going on, and then at night dropping to like 45/50.  Typical.  Anyway, I guess I’m starting to enjoy fall.. STARTS to cool off, fire pits n sweatshirts & being cozy..  kinda nice for a change..  Wore jeans today for the first time in months..  Still have the one flip flop going on tho. 😉  

So I get my cast off on Dec 4th.  Kinda curious what happens after that.  It will be 7 weeks since the crash, I wonder if I will start walking with a cane like “House”.. 😀  HAHA  Made myself crack up a little there.  That might work for a while, so I don’t put all my weight back on my leg again.  Ah well, who knows.  I am very much looking forward to walking again.  Amazing the things we take for granted on a daily basis.  Besides walking, the ability to see, or hear even.  Anyway, before this gets all sentimental, listen to all the sounds and see all of the good things in life.. appreciate what you have.  Later.


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