I hope this finds everyone in good spirits…  And I hope that Santa was good to all of you as well.  Christmas was happy for me this year.. Moreso than normal.  I got to have the kid ALL DAY on Christmas, AND part of the next.  That was a first, in like almost 9 years.  I was very happy.  Seems her “dad” is starting to let HER decide what she wants.  I thank the good Lord everyday for that one.  

Anyway, things are going GREAT lately, I’m happy.. (bout time).. let’s keep it that way for a while. LOL  Oh!  Good news.. I can walk/hobble/stumble again!  I am now getting around with no crutches, and am wearing normal shoes!  Well, uggs for now, just because they are easy.  I seem to be doing pretty good..  The kid said “Mom, no offense, but you walk like “House” now.. ”  HAHAHAHA  Thought that was hilarious.  I love House.  
So, I’m taking the kid camping/riding this weekend.  Going with some old friends (known all my life) to a new place and we are SOOO excited.  Just seeing the kid about pee her pants over new riding gear and the sheer excitement / giddiness just makes me even more excited.  😀  The little joys in life that our kids give us.  I am really blessed and greatful.  So, on that note.. I hope you all have a HAPPY and very safe NEW YEARS..  We are leaving today and we’ll be back sunday night…  Enjoy and may the coming year, be everything you ever wanted.  
Happy New Years!

Merry Christmas..

So something I noticed this year, vs previous years.. I am so much more Emotional!!  I have no idea why.  No… nothing like that.. it’s just things seem so different now, and I’m not sure why.  I am NOT happy with the kids dad.  He upset me to no end on saturday.  I have written off a few friends in the last couple months.  I don’t want or need all the drama in my life anymore.  So.. certain people are no longer a part of my inner circle.  That said, I was misled by the kids dad, and therefore LIVID at how people can be the way they are.  I tried to change Christmas/eve plans, but I can’t bring myself to stick to it.  I feel bad.  I want the kid to be happy.  Yet, it makes me cry like every damned day.  I hate it. The kid says she would rather be with me, but I can’t please EVERYONE.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just being over sensitive.  But I WANT MY KID.  

I do get to have her this year for New Years.. so for that I am BEYOND grateful, excited and all that.  So she gets to go camping with me for almost 6 days.. SHE is just as excited.  That does help to make up for my shitty emotions, but… I don’t know.  I’m sad.  
Anyhow, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.. I hope it is all that and more.. 


My goodness things have been rather hectic lately!  Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating.. talk about annoying.. haha. I finished up most of my shopping this weekend.. THAT is a HUGE thing for me… I’m usually still shopping last minute, literally at the store on Christmas eve.  I did good this year.  I bought about 85% of my things on line.  THAT was great.  I did brave the crowds and tried going to Kohl’s friday after work.  WHAT a joke.  I was still on crutches at the time, and there was waaaay too many people for my taste.  There were also a bunch of hoodlums running around the store, screaming etc.. you get the picture.  Anyway, no one would move if I tried to get thru, so I just turned around and went home.  Saturday I tried again.  Did Kohl’s online.. yay.  I went to Nordstroms Rack to get the kid some shirts as per her request for Christmas.  That wasn’t too bad.  Found myself a top too.  (Hey, i don’t get anything to unwrap for Christmas, so I bought myself some things 😉  ) 

Anyway, after that I went to Tilly’s.  Kid needed shoes.  Did that and found a plethora of things for ME!  Yay.. Made the trip out worth while.  So finished that..  Now just waiting until the deliveries come in.  And, had to get myself something from Santa.  Last year, the Kid was rather upset she got things from Santa, and I didn’t.  Told her I must have been bad… (Little did she know) haha
So this year, I got myself a new iPhone.. The new 3G one.  I have had the original one for about a year, so it was time to treat myself.  So after I modify it to my liking I’ll wrap it and put it under the tree for me..  hehehehehe

Merry Christmas (a little early)


Christmas Song..

I have noticed a lot of people looking up the lyrics or even the song for the 12 days of christmas.. well, a specific version LOL.  OK, First, I want to thank JEFF POPE from KGGI radio for directing me to “ERNIE’S 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS” last year (I have some of the lyrics in a post from last year here “On the first day of Christmas my vieja gave to me, a shiny 64 chevy” LOL)… They actually have the MP3 on their website.  I don’t know if I can directly link to it, but if you go to KGGI’s website, then click on Music and then Parodies, you will find the song down at the bottom of the list and you can download it.  I was ECSTATIC when I finally got this. I love this song.. LOL  Anyway, hope that helps!!


Lately, I’m Annoyed.  FRIENDS aren’t really what I thought they are.  Anyway, details don’t matter, but if you are supposedly someone’s “FRIEND”, then be one. Don’t be a backstabber, or just use people for your own purposes.  FRIENDS are a two way street.  Not people that are there that you only want around when you need something.  Friends are supposed to have each others back, not talk behind it.  At the rate things are going, I don’t think I really WANT friends.  Either that, or I’m just not going to be the person everyone can count on for whatever reason, and is always there willing to help.  Don’t know yet..  But lately, I’m annoyed.