I hope this finds everyone in good spirits…  And I hope that Santa was good to all of you as well.  Christmas was happy for me this year.. Moreso than normal.  I got to have the kid ALL DAY on Christmas, AND part of the next.  That was a first, in like almost 9 years.  I was very happy.  Seems her “dad” is starting to let HER decide what she wants.  I thank the good Lord everyday for that one.  

Anyway, things are going GREAT lately, I’m happy.. (bout time).. let’s keep it that way for a while. LOL  Oh!  Good news.. I can walk/hobble/stumble again!  I am now getting around with no crutches, and am wearing normal shoes!  Well, uggs for now, just because they are easy.  I seem to be doing pretty good..  The kid said “Mom, no offense, but you walk like “House” now.. ”  HAHAHAHA  Thought that was hilarious.  I love House.  
So, I’m taking the kid camping/riding this weekend.  Going with some old friends (known all my life) to a new place and we are SOOO excited.  Just seeing the kid about pee her pants over new riding gear and the sheer excitement / giddiness just makes me even more excited.  😀  The little joys in life that our kids give us.  I am really blessed and greatful.  So, on that note.. I hope you all have a HAPPY and very safe NEW YEARS..  We are leaving today and we’ll be back sunday night…  Enjoy and may the coming year, be everything you ever wanted.  
Happy New Years!

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