Another Day..

Day 4 I guess.. So far so good..  dropped another 1.4 lbs.  Better than nothing (is it STILL water weight?).  I’m not the best person to not be able to eat FOOD during the day, but it wasn’t too bad..  Anyway, I’m doing ok with the just juice/water for two days..  tomorrow I go back to the two shakes a day and one “sensible” meal.. that is for another 5 days then two more days of the “Cleanse”..  hhmmm..  Not irritable as I suspected, and still have energy, so that is a HUGE plus for me! I’m a little tired this morning tho.  HHmmm..  have to keep an eye on that.  Oh yea.. went to get that massage yesterday.. Wasn’t as bad as the first one.. I guess my muscles are finally starting to “heal”.  However, today.. OHMIGOSH hurts like hell…  but hey.. I can walk again..;)

Anyway, on another note, got into Facebook.. Apparently it is the “Grown Up” version of Myspace.  Or what is most commonly referred to as GAYSPACE.. LOL  So I found a bunch of people on facebook and it’s nice to be back in touch with so many people that have been gone for a while.  
Ok, back to your daily grind.. 😀  Have a good one everybody.. 


The “CLEANSE” days are killing me..  I can’t stop peeing and I really think I am developing GILLS on my neck..  man, this is a LOT of water..  I’m peeing more than when I drink beer!!  Oh what fun!  Crap.. I am going to get an HOUR long “theraputic massage”  (trust me, it’s NOT fun.. hurts like hell) and I’m gonna prolly pee myself..  Damn!!

Doing good..

Ok, so far so good… Today is the beginning of the actual “CLEANSE” days..  It is a little fruity, kinda nice from the chocolate.  Plus there is this “sprinkle” called Want More Energy that you can add to the juice to drink..  Lemon lime..  it’s actually GOOD like that.  So I drink that 4 times today, and a bunch of water of course..  Lost another 1.8lbs..  again, still water I’m sure..   Started working out again last night, but having some issues with my leg and the ability to do lunges and stuff because i don’t have enough strength yet..  In due time I’m sure.  Last night again, didn’t really get tired enough to fall asleep until about 10pm.  Dunno if that is really good or bad.. Up again this morning with no real grogginess or anything.. So, doing good so far.. 

Cya tomorrow!!  Later.

Not bad..

Ok so I started this new system yesterday “Isagenix”..  There is a 30 day one as well as the 9 day, but I just wanted to try the 9 day to see if it would “boost” my chronic tiredness. (I have Epstein Barr which makes me tired ALL THE TIME).  Anyway, so I took the natural accelerators, all good..  I drank the two shakes, ate some “sensible” lunch (pork loin) and even ate a little dinner, which you aren’t supposed to (oysters and some tri tip).  I drank about 70 oz of water as well..  So, the shakes aren’t that bad, to my surprise.  I got Chocolate.  There are a couple flavors.  Now yesterday and today are “PRE CLEANSE” days.  The actual 9 days starts tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure it’s “water loss” but I checked the scale today and it’s actually down 3.2 lbs from yesterday..  we’ll see how it goes.. 😀 I am usually in bed or falling asleep on the couch anywhere from 8pm on…  usually not too late.  Last night, I was up til 10, not even tired, and I got up this morning fairly easily!!  Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed.   If you want to check it out, here it is:  ISAGENIX

See ya tomorrow!!

Latest & Greatest??

So, I took off for the weekend to hang out with some family in Parker, Az this weekend.  Funny, I went to the grocery store to get some milk, and stuff for dinner, and there was all kinds of Arizona cardinals stuff all over the grocery (safeway! LOL) store.  Took me a second to remember that I was IN arizona.. haha  But I did find a really soft plush blanket from Steelers, so I had to buy that.  Anyway, had a really nice relaxing time.. those are some good times.  So a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to write about all of the diet “Trends” and how they don’t work and all kinds of things.  I’ll tell you this, I’ve tried soo many of them, and wasted soo much money it was pathetic.  (Now, I am told I waste my money on Steelers “stuff” haha)  Anyway..  So I began working out again, and started eating healthier.  NOT A DIET.  I can’t seem to stick to those..  So over the last month and a 1/2 I lost 11 lbs.  Yay me.  BUT, I have more to lose and it seems to have stopped there.  I want to lose about another 15lbs.  Actually no, I don’t.  I want to firm up and lose some inches.  I guess weight is just a number as long as you look good no?

Ok, so I’m trying something “different”.  It’s called Isagenix.  Today is the first day of a 9 day “system”..  I’ll try to post everyday to let you know how it’s going…  
Til tomorrow.. 😉  Peace.

Good times..

So I took the kid out to the desert to practice her skills… went well.  I went out riding myself too!  Back in the saddle again.  I can do it.  I was worried I would be a little hesitant.. (ok, I was a little) but all in all it went well.  I took the kid and her friend on a nice ride, they had a BLAST.. She had such a great weekend.  Sunday we got home in time to watch my Steelers beat the Ravens in one of THE MOST boring games in NFL.  LOL  It was like watching Tennis.  Punt after Punt… got a little old.  Anyway, I was fairly sure that the Steelers would win, and now we are headed to the Superbowl baby!!  I can’t wait.  With our old Offensive coordinator (Ken Wisenhut) as the Cardinal’s head coach, it should be a GREAT game!!  I like the edge of your seat football.  May the best team win (as long as it’s a good game).  Been a hectic week yet again, but last night I found time to curl up on the couch in my PJ’s, lay with my puppy, and catch up on some TiVo all by myself.  Talk about a GREAT evening!!  LOL  Today after work, I am going to head out to Parker, AZ to hang out with my cousins and go riding for the weekend.. I am really looking forward to it.  I am still gonna write about a couple things, but it’ll hold til next week.. 😉  

Ya’ll have a great weekend.. 

No Time..

Ok, so I wanted to write about something that I have gained some knowledge about, but lately it’s been SUPER busy and I haven’t had time to put all the words together coherently.  So  today I believe I shall leave and spend some time drinking a few concoctions of hops and barley and watch the kid practice her skills mastering two wheels and a clutch out in the dirt and gather some more thoughts and insight and THEN write next week.  A feel a trophy coming soon for her.  I’m so excited.. 😉

Have a great weekend ya’ll!!  

Real Quick..

Ok, so I just wanted to touch base real quick and say New Years was great… and I want to write about something that I’ve some experience with but I need to get some thoughts together..  For now, Camping was awesome!!  The Kid went on a ride with the others (I’m still not riding) and came back and said “Mom.. can I say a bad word please!?!?”  I thought for a second and knew immediately what she was going to say, and since she seemed so proud (and NEVER curses, thank goodness), I said “Sure, whaddya got?”   She said “Mom!  I ate shit!”… I knew it was coming.  I laughed as well as the other folks standing around talking… Priceless..  She didn’t even cry.. She was VERY proud of herself.. she showed me the new “ding” in her plastics, and was elated for about an hour..  😀    There was a fatality on the way to the road we were taking… drunk woman, slammed the back of a trailer hauling 2 VERY nice Rhino’s.. and she died..  Stupid people.. Whatever..  Another day, a 12 yr old boy was air lifted, broken arm and back pains.. wasn’t paying much attention and slammed into another kid.. 

So the kid has decided that she wants to get into riding professionally.  I think we can do it.  I need to sell my tahoe and buy a truck so I can haul her bike around… and start heading out to an area off the 15 where they have tracks and kids learn how to ride tracks and get better, races and trophy’s… Works for me.. I live for this stuff. 😉  
Anyway, good times… and I’ll be back in a day or so with something else I want to “Rant” about.. LOL  Keep it real!