Not bad..

Ok so I started this new system yesterday “Isagenix”..  There is a 30 day one as well as the 9 day, but I just wanted to try the 9 day to see if it would “boost” my chronic tiredness. (I have Epstein Barr which makes me tired ALL THE TIME).  Anyway, so I took the natural accelerators, all good..  I drank the two shakes, ate some “sensible” lunch (pork loin) and even ate a little dinner, which you aren’t supposed to (oysters and some tri tip).  I drank about 70 oz of water as well..  So, the shakes aren’t that bad, to my surprise.  I got Chocolate.  There are a couple flavors.  Now yesterday and today are “PRE CLEANSE” days.  The actual 9 days starts tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure it’s “water loss” but I checked the scale today and it’s actually down 3.2 lbs from yesterday..  we’ll see how it goes.. 😀 I am usually in bed or falling asleep on the couch anywhere from 8pm on…  usually not too late.  Last night, I was up til 10, not even tired, and I got up this morning fairly easily!!  Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed.   If you want to check it out, here it is:  ISAGENIX

See ya tomorrow!!

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