Another Day..

Day 4 I guess.. So far so good..  dropped another 1.4 lbs.  Better than nothing (is it STILL water weight?).  I’m not the best person to not be able to eat FOOD during the day, but it wasn’t too bad..  Anyway, I’m doing ok with the just juice/water for two days..  tomorrow I go back to the two shakes a day and one “sensible” meal.. that is for another 5 days then two more days of the “Cleanse”..  hhmmm..  Not irritable as I suspected, and still have energy, so that is a HUGE plus for me! I’m a little tired this morning tho.  HHmmm..  have to keep an eye on that.  Oh yea.. went to get that massage yesterday.. Wasn’t as bad as the first one.. I guess my muscles are finally starting to “heal”.  However, today.. OHMIGOSH hurts like hell…  but hey.. I can walk again..;)

Anyway, on another note, got into Facebook.. Apparently it is the “Grown Up” version of Myspace.  Or what is most commonly referred to as GAYSPACE.. LOL  So I found a bunch of people on facebook and it’s nice to be back in touch with so many people that have been gone for a while.  
Ok, back to your daily grind.. 😀  Have a good one everybody.. 

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