So after dumping that “social networking” crap of MYSPACE, I decided to give facebook a try..  Wow, there are actual ADULTS on there!!  Not the juvenile bullshit that floats all over myspace.. I did decide to keep my MYSPACE account and check it once a week, because I do have a couple friends that are my friends KIDS that like to talk to me, so for that reason I still have it.  

Anyway.. back to facebook..  how addicting is that!??!  Holy Crap!  I have regained contact with soo many actual “FRIENDS” (no the ones on myspace that you don’t even know so you can say you have eleventy thousand friends for what!?!?) and it’s great.  Once of the cool things about it, is that tomorrow night, about 20 (give or take, I didn’t count) of us are going to get together in a nice fun place called “downtown fullerton”… on the Roscoe’s famous deli patio.  
I can’t wait.. Some of these people I have seen here and there over the years.. others… not since grad night.  So, needless to say, it should be a lot of fun.  I expect that MOST of us have grown up over the years, and that the old drama and stupid shit from the day, is now gone and buried, since a lot of us have families now..   We shall see…   Until next week..  have a beer or 5.  I will..


File this under..

Wow, last night was really weird.   I know dreams mean something..  most of the time I just don’t know what.  So lately I’ve been pretty stressed.. (as you can see below).  Well, last night, I went to bed, and I had a dream about my grandmother.  She passed away when I was 4 months pregnant with the kid (wwaaayyy bummed about that).. I was VERY close to her.  I used to walk across the alley to her house at like 4am to sit with her while she had her coffee before work, and before I went to school.  On Friday nights, I would go over to her house and watch Dallas and Falcon Crest and have diet 7-up and fritos.  (yummy)..  This was back in the late 80’s.  We would go to her house every saturday or sunday for a home cooked breakfast.. Like the works.. Eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, fried apples, applebutter, biscuits… you get the idea..  Anyway.. last night, I dreamed of her.  I dreamed that my sister and I were at her house (which has obviously been sold to others and drastically changed) to visit her.  I remember horsing around with my sister in the kitchen.  (For some reason my “pop” wasn’t around).  Anyway, so I remember going outside and looking in the garage for the maroon caddy and the other garage for all the canned goods (literally canned, my grandparents used to can pickles and kraut etc…) everything was there.  The Swing on the patio.. It was surreal.  But for some reason, and I’m not going to mention details, it was like she was trying to tell me something, and I don’t know WHY exactly.  Telling me it was about her I would assume because it didn’t apply to me exactly.  Anyway, my sub-conscience apparently needed to be with her last night.  That was a first in a long time.  I don’t know why, but I’m really glad.  I woke up and stayed awake for about an hour with my eyes closed and just remembering all the details.. and cried.. a lot.  But it was a good cry I think.  That or I just miss her terribly and hurting.  I don’t know.  But I am grateful I got to see her last night.  


Me and the kid went to the beauty shop on Sunday.. That was fun.. We both were in DIRE need of a haircut.. She lost about 3 inches.. 😦  But, she got “layers” and she is just in love with her hair now.. LOL  She’s so cute..   Had to share that.

So I have a lot on my mind lately.. One of course, if you have been following this blog is the stupid IRS.  So they did an audit, and I sent all the paperwork in (after over a year of miscommunication on THEIR part).. So I call Daily.  Yes, daily.  They held my tax returns from LAST year, as well as this year, because of this crap.  Anyway every day I am told “We received your paperwork, but we’re not done yet”.. Same shit, different day.  Ya, whatever.  The funny thing is, they are charging me interest, they will determine that they do in fact OWE me MY money back, but will they give me the interest on the money they have HELD for the last year!?  No.  But they’ll charge it to me?  I don’t get that one.  Oh, and the state.. ya.. supposedly getting a refund from them, but because the state is “broke”, won’t see that, and when we DO finally see it, will there be interest on that too?  Hell No!!  Bunch of shit heads.  Whatever. 

Next subject:  Family.  Ya, back to them, haven’t really mentioned much of them in a while..  I was reading back to 2007 july some time, about when I couldn’t stand them, and that they just take advantage of me.  It’s taken me some time, but I realized it’s my fault.  I allowed that to happen.  Anyway, cool things have since occurred.  I talk to my sister now.  Like almost daily which is pretty cool.. I see my nieces, also cool. .  I can deal with her now, another cool thing.  Dunno if I’ve grown up some, or just let shit go, or what, but it is what it is, and I’m diggin it.   I just heard that my brother has informed my mother that he regrets all he’s done to my sister and myself over the last 10 years or so.. Regrets taking advantage of me.. hhhmmmm  That’s all fine and dandy, maybe someday he’ll tell me, and perhaps start paying down his damn near 3,000 dollar debt to me.  Sorry.. had to get back up to the keyboard, I fell off my chair I was laughing so hard at that one.  Whew..  LOL
Here’s something else that is just eating me alive right now.  So the kid is having MAJAH issues with her dad.  Like so much so she doesn’t want to see him or be around him.  She’s 9 now.  She has gotten to the point that she constantly talks back to me, yells at me, and consistently whines, all.  the.  time.   I can’t take much more.  I don’t spank her.  Like ever.  It’s not that I don’t believe in it, I just feel that she should be old enough and that we should be able to discuss her behavioral problems at length and that she can change.  We’ve had multiple discussions, ok, over and over and over and over and over, and apparently she’s either deaf, or just blows me off.  So, on Sunday, she proceeded to holler and talk back to me.  I told her calmly and quietly to go to her room QUIETLY (as I really didn’t want to hear her crying/moaning/wailing on the way).. She did just that.  Now, again, I RARELY ever spank her, and she knows it.  So I walked into her room she was turned away from me damn near screaming, so I spanked her butt, once.  She turned to me with a shocked look like “What did you do THAT for!?”  Then she proceeded to start screaming right at my face.  VERY loud.  So I popped her mouth .. I know that was wrong, and I was (and still am) VERY upset about it all.  I’m disappointed, and hurt that I let things get this bad.  After she stopped crying she asked if we could talk.  I said Yes, I would like that.  She apologized for her behavior and I apologized for smacking her.  (Not for spanking her once).  We talked some more about her chores and her attitude and she said she wants to do better, and cried some more so I know she really does..  She is going to see a Psychologist this weekend.  She really needs to be able to talk to someone about her feelings and know she’s not going to get “grounded for breathing” (as she says her dad does to her) and that she feels safe to speak to.  She used to go when she was 4/5 yrs old and it did help then, so I am just praying this helps her now..  I want to be the best parent I can and raise her to be a good girl, but my God it’s so difficult with two households and not the same rules.. 😦


I don’t mind rain.. Usually.  But when it starts coming and going here today gone tomorrow, and screwing up my plans.. it sucks.  Period.  Disneyland, weather said it wasn’t gonna rain, but guess what.. IT RAINED.  So I had plans this weekend (Valentine’s day) to take the kid and go camping and riding.. Well, all the stupid weather channels say it’s gonna rain.  Like 30% chance.. Which is really nothing right?  So, all the people that planned to go do this (like 18 of us) all decided that they are going to melt, and can’t get muddy or anything so cancelled out.  WTF!?!? That really sucks.  I suppose I could still go… but it’s more fun of course when everyone else goes too.. 

Either Rain or quit already.  My plans keep getting jacked up.


Since the state is not issuing refunds I came up with my own letter to send to them.. 😀

To Whom it May Concern:

I have successfully processed my return, however, your payment cannot be issued at this time. According to my wife (the Controller), due to the lack of job, cash and budget problems, the Controller (again, my wife) has directed me to stop sending payment requests to any bill collectors, utilites, this includes the State Controller’s Office (as well as the Franchise Tax Board for good measure). Payments will resume when the wife indicates there is enough cash available to make payments.  Until then, please consider this an IOU and understand that you will be paid accordingly, once all other obligations (child support for previous 8 children, daycare (for said children + 3 more), school, gun purchases (to protect my family from the illegal aliens trying to rob me of what I have left), have been satisfied. We hope you understand


So this weekend was the kids birthday..  Took her to Disneyland yesterday.. It was a lot of fun .. FOR HER.  LOL  So, we go to breakfast, then got my sister and her kids together, and headed to the happiest place on earth..  The kid NEEDED to have an autograph book (freak), so she got that…  As we were walking to the Indiana jones ride (FUN!) I saw Diane Keaton.  Very cool.  She was very pleasant.  Had my sister take her over to meet Ms. Keaton, and that was her first autograph in her book.  Altho the kid has NO CLUE who that is, it was still pretty cool.  Hit up Pirates of the Caribbean, Matterhorn, Finding Nemo, and some others.  It rained some, while we were over at the Pirates Lair (aka Tom Sawyer’s Island), but that was fun.  Apparently, I am even Taller than before, and hit my head in every damn tunnel.  

Walking around that park for 12 hours, after only having been about 16 weeks or so from breaking my leg, was NOT FUN.  It was rather painful.  But, the kid had a great time, and that’s all that matters..  9 years old.  Man, time flies.

I’m done..

So the ISAGENIX cleanse was actually really good!  I’m down 11 lbs.  And I have come to realize, burgers just aren’t the way to lose weight.. LOL  I think I will continue to drink the shakes (they are pretty good) for breakfast, because I don’t eat breakfast, and it’s got a LOT of nutrition in it..  Yay me.  😀  If you are interested in trying the system, click the ISAGENIX link over on the right.. 

Anyway, so Sunday, the Kid turns 9.  Wow.  My Kid is going to be NINE years old.  Ok, more like 9 going on 25 sometimes..  I’m very excited.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I want to take her to the NHRA races.. and on Sunday it’s the “happiest place on earth”.. (NOT). HAHA  
She is dying to go so we are gonna hit up mickey mouse for some fun..  
All is well, hope it is for all of you too.. 

Have a GREAT weekend.. 

Happy Birthday Kid. 
Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Day 6..

So this is the 6th day.. .Yesterday was Superbowl (GO STEELERS!!) which was NOT a good day for my “cleanse”..  I really thought today when I got on the scale I gained like 8 lbs back.. Actually NOT SO!  Amazing to say the least.  I didn’t gain any, but only lost .4 lbs..  Still better than nothing I suppose.. Not bad for cheating pretty badly.. LOL  

Anyway, back to the Superbowl..  What a fantastic game! Ken Wisenhunt, the head coach for Arizona, WAS the Steelers Offensive Coordinator for years..  Man, Great game..  I was invited to a private party at Roscoe’s, but I had people coming over to watch (besides, I wanted to WATCH the game haha), so I didn’t go.  AFTER the game however, I went down there.. (had to parade around LOL) got some free drinks, and went behind the bar to make shots for the bartenders and myself to celebrate..  That was pretty cool of them.  I think I want a job there now.. LOL
Hope all is well..  Very happy for the Superbowl Victory, can’t wait for the next season to start!!