So this weekend was the kids birthday..  Took her to Disneyland yesterday.. It was a lot of fun .. FOR HER.  LOL  So, we go to breakfast, then got my sister and her kids together, and headed to the happiest place on earth..  The kid NEEDED to have an autograph book (freak), so she got that…  As we were walking to the Indiana jones ride (FUN!) I saw Diane Keaton.  Very cool.  She was very pleasant.  Had my sister take her over to meet Ms. Keaton, and that was her first autograph in her book.  Altho the kid has NO CLUE who that is, it was still pretty cool.  Hit up Pirates of the Caribbean, Matterhorn, Finding Nemo, and some others.  It rained some, while we were over at the Pirates Lair (aka Tom Sawyer’s Island), but that was fun.  Apparently, I am even Taller than before, and hit my head in every damn tunnel.  

Walking around that park for 12 hours, after only having been about 16 weeks or so from breaking my leg, was NOT FUN.  It was rather painful.  But, the kid had a great time, and that’s all that matters..  9 years old.  Man, time flies.

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