Since the state is not issuing refunds I came up with my own letter to send to them.. 😀

To Whom it May Concern:

I have successfully processed my return, however, your payment cannot be issued at this time. According to my wife (the Controller), due to the lack of job, cash and budget problems, the Controller (again, my wife) has directed me to stop sending payment requests to any bill collectors, utilites, this includes the State Controller’s Office (as well as the Franchise Tax Board for good measure). Payments will resume when the wife indicates there is enough cash available to make payments.  Until then, please consider this an IOU and understand that you will be paid accordingly, once all other obligations (child support for previous 8 children, daycare (for said children + 3 more), school, gun purchases (to protect my family from the illegal aliens trying to rob me of what I have left), have been satisfied. We hope you understand

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