I don’t mind rain.. Usually.  But when it starts coming and going here today gone tomorrow, and screwing up my plans.. it sucks.  Period.  Disneyland, weather said it wasn’t gonna rain, but guess what.. IT RAINED.  So I had plans this weekend (Valentine’s day) to take the kid and go camping and riding.. Well, all the stupid weather channels say it’s gonna rain.  Like 30% chance.. Which is really nothing right?  So, all the people that planned to go do this (like 18 of us) all decided that they are going to melt, and can’t get muddy or anything so cancelled out.  WTF!?!? That really sucks.  I suppose I could still go… but it’s more fun of course when everyone else goes too.. 

Either Rain or quit already.  My plans keep getting jacked up.

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