So after dumping that “social networking” crap of MYSPACE, I decided to give facebook a try..  Wow, there are actual ADULTS on there!!  Not the juvenile bullshit that floats all over myspace.. I did decide to keep my MYSPACE account and check it once a week, because I do have a couple friends that are my friends KIDS that like to talk to me, so for that reason I still have it.  

Anyway.. back to facebook..  how addicting is that!??!  Holy Crap!  I have regained contact with soo many actual “FRIENDS” (no the ones on myspace that you don’t even know so you can say you have eleventy thousand friends for what!?!?) and it’s great.  Once of the cool things about it, is that tomorrow night, about 20 (give or take, I didn’t count) of us are going to get together in a nice fun place called “downtown fullerton”… on the Roscoe’s famous deli patio.  
I can’t wait.. Some of these people I have seen here and there over the years.. others… not since grad night.  So, needless to say, it should be a lot of fun.  I expect that MOST of us have grown up over the years, and that the old drama and stupid shit from the day, is now gone and buried, since a lot of us have families now..   We shall see…   Until next week..  have a beer or 5.  I will..


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