Hello all!  Hope ya’ll are doing well.  My birtday was lovely.  Went out to the desert, relaxed in the dirt all weekend.. made some new friends.. (always fun)!  Got back on the quad for a real ride.. and it was good.  No injuries, but man I’m sore!! Forgot how much work it is.. 😀  I feel great.  

Anyway, so we met some new people, and they gave us a bunch of jello shooters.. After drinking beers all day (Corona, Miller Lite, Chimay and Frambois) I had about 15 jello shots..   Oh Boy.. Talk about a HORRIBLE headache..  Ya, soo not doing that again.  
Regardless, it was a mucho fun weekend.  Oh, and a friend of mine, known forever (did I mention our fight on here in the last month??) came out as well.  Didn’t know she was coming.  Stupid juvenile antics ensued… then we talked.. went well.  Back to normal yet again.  Good Times.. 
Anyway, hope all is going well.. Have a Faboo week!!
OOOH!  I put another site over under the cool sites to the right.  Its called tweekerseeker.. it’s about an anonymous bounty hunter.. Cool shit if you’re into that stuff… check it out. 
An update:  The maroon label for CHIMAY… not as good as the blue… just lettin ya know. 😉

Anyone twitter??

Another Day??

So today is my birthday.  Just another day ..  Don’t feel any different or older… hell I don’t really even feel my real age a lot of the time.  (Lately I do because my body is broken.. LOL)  Anyway.. So I get to go see the “vertebral specialist” next friday to find out what he’s going to do for my back.  I’ll tell you, as an adult, I find it rather humorous the things that I begin to look forward to!  I am actually excited to go see this guy to see if he can actually FIX me!!  LOL LIke, counting down days.. pretty pathetic huh?  It’s Ok.. I’m excited. 😀   

So anyway, been a really busy week, but that’s good..  I am ordering the first 1/2 of my training next week, so I am REALLY super excited.. and a little nervous.. scary making big changes… 
Taking off today to take the kid camping/riding.  Some friends are coming out to the desert so it should be a great weekend..  OH!! Almost forgot.. some friends brought me a gift for being born, last night, and OH. MY. GOSH. this stuff is great.  It’s a belgian (I think) beer and it’s called CHIMAY.  There are three labels.. a cream one, a burgundy one and a blue one.  The blue label, wow.. that is some damn fine beer.  They also gave me the burgundy label one, but haven’t tried it yet.  I’ll take that this weekend..  
Hope ya’ll have a fantastic weekend..   Peace. 

MRI crap..

So….. went and got the results of my MRI on my back.. I KNEW something was wrong..  So I got the films last week, and I would think a monkey could tell that these vertebrae were “tweaked” or something.  And after seeing my dr … they are. 😀  Yay me.  I think.. haha. Anyway, long story short, I have like 65% compression in T4, 5 and 6.  T5 also has a crack in it.   There is a hemangioma in T2 or something… I can’t remember which one.. but I guess that is “common”.. hhmmmm ok.

So, nothing they can do for the crack.. and I really don’t think that hurts.. It’s the three discs that are squeezing together, and pinching all the nerves between my shoulder blades.  I asked if this could “fix itself”.. he said Yes.. I asked how long it takes.. he said Not too long, how long has it been?  I said “OH, 5 months now.. ”  he then said “Oh, good Lord (insert my name), why didn’t we do this sooner?  You need to see this specialist, which is really good and my competition no less…”  So, I guess, I don’t fix myself real easy.  HAHA  Anyway, what do you do.. I got some stronger pain meds for night time, so that I can sleep thru the night and not wake up every 15 – 20 minutes.  Talked to my motherly figure, and she suggested to do the surgery.  She said the injections wouldn’t last but a couple months.. Said I could do it on a friday and go back to work on monday..  Seems IMPOSSIBLE.. but I’ll wait to see what the Doc says..  
Shitty news, but hey, I’m glad I know what’s wrong now.  I *THINK* haha  
This weekend, is a joint birthday party for me and my neighbor.  He’s younger tho.. 😦 So, that should be fun.  BBQin a pork butt (did you know that a pork butt is not really a butt?  which is going cuz I’m not all hip on eating a pig’s ass…. )  Pulled pork samiches!!  WOO HOO  Next weekend, going camping.  Back on my baby.. I love my quad.  😀
Anyhow, ya’ll have a super weekend!!  Oh, watch this..  HILARIOUS!  Hope it makes your day!

What’s New..

So what’s new with all of you?? Things are going fairly well over here..  Sad news this morning that Natasha Richardson didn’t survive the brain injury.  She was great.  The kid saw her picture on the internet that she had passed and said “Hey Mom, I know her.. she was the lady in the parent trap”..  Yes, she was.. well the remake anyway.  Cool that a 9 yr old kid knew about it… 

Anyhoo.. My brother got a DUI where he lives now, I don’t recall if I mentioned that..  (I’m pretty sure a lot of you know he’s had more than one… but this is his first in another state.)  Anyway, so sentencing … he was supposed to have some guy calling the family and friends for like interviews I guess about my brother.  Never happened.  Kinda sucks because the judge takes that into consideration.  Anyway, long story short, he was informed he was lookin at anywhere between 6 months (and laughed) to up to like 5 years..  FIVE YEARS!?!?!?   Anyway, he was sentenced.  There was a visiting judge.. That kids luck I tell ya..  He got 90 days.  😀  Yay.  That is fantastic.   
Let’s see… my sister.  She’s doing pretty good now too.. saw my nieces on um… saturday I think?  they are getting sooo big.  I think I’m going to have to hook up with her to get the girls “spring” pictures together.. 😀 
I go to the ortho today to get the results of my MRI on my back from last week.  Not looking forward to it.  I called to just see if they had the results, and the nurse starts to read thru the report kind of out loud..  I hear “let’s see.. looks like there’s a fracture… ” stops right there and says Ok, so you need to make an appt to see the dr asap.  Ya. I knew that. Kinda thru a wrench in my not so optimistic outlook on my prognosis.  LOL  Anyway, cool.. I go today to see what they say.  I’m sure it’s all great, and I just have to take pain pills til I die.  Is that so bad?  😉  
Having a joint birthday this weekend with my neighbor (his bday too) so have some friends coming out and going to bbq a nice big pork BUTT for some pulled pork samiches.  CAN’T WAIT.  Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic day!!!


So when is one too “old” to make a career change??  I am going to be doing so very soon.  I am currently awaiting the money for my tax returns, and will then take on a new venture.  I am actually VERY excited.  I have been working with computers for literally 23 years.  I am kinda bored now.  Like REALLY bored.  So, after some soul searching (no, Taco Bell manager ain’t gonna cut it, and I thought about professional beer drinker.. but… doesn’t pay all that great.  haha ) I have found something that I think will be PERFECT for me.  I will be starting a new training course, hopefully by the end of this month, where I will be learning the following:  Background Investigations, Investigative Records and Resources, Asset Investigation, Business and Criminal Intelligence, and Investigating By Computer, Skip Tracing, Missing Persons, Parental Kidnapping Investigation, Bounty Hunting, Process Serving and Automobile Repossession, Surveillance and Surveillance Photography, Vehicle Surveillance, Foot Surveillance, and Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Workman’s Comp Investigation, Arson Investigation, Interviewing and Interrogating, Report Writing and Testifying in Court, Employee Theft, Shoplifting Detection, Undercover Investigation, Industrial Espionage, and Computer Crime Investigation, Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training, Arrest Tactics, Foot and Vehicle Pursuit Tactics.  So, As you can see.. there is A LOT for me to learn, and once I complete the course (I am shooting for 4 months) at the top of my class, I will be ready to head out into the real world and begin a new career..  Excited isn’t even the beginning of it.  I am beyond excited.  So, wish me luck, because I’m gonna need it..  

Ya’ll have a great day!!

I’m a dork..

Like that is anything new.. LOL  Anyway, I’m trying to spend a little time to “clean up” some things on some of my pages.. One being SHUFFLE the music!!  I apologize that the same song kept playing every time you came here.  Now it is shuffling.. Try it.. Hit refresh.. New song!  Yay me.  Small things make me happy.  😀

So anyway, off to fix the other stupid shit I have been procrastinating about..  One of them is to clean my desk today..  If you saw my desk, I don’t even know how I get things done.  Oh. wait.. I don’t.  Ya, that’s why I gotta clean my desk.  😀  Got a new quote for today.  Ya’ll have a great one. 

 “Do things the same way and you will get the same results. To get better results, change the way you do things.” 

BTW, I’m starting today.. 😀

One more..

Hey I found one more I wanted to share.. .this is one of my favourites.. 

You complain “Always” 
That all I do is wrong
I tend to forget
that you are Perfect. 
I am obviously NOT in this league
that you call the real world
nor will i be
what a shame that 
i am regarded
as LESS than you
when we were ALL 
created equal.
Equality is obviously
NOT in your vocabulary
A shame it is that you
perceive such faults
as not as perfect as you
I’m sorry that you 
feel the need the make
or prove yourself “better”
by making
my life “less” than yours.. 
Treating me like garbage
and your psychological
mind games are merely
juvenile toys you play with
to make me feel unworthy.  
Game over.  I win.

Found some things..

Ok so awhile back I mentioned I would find some more of the poetry, words, whatever you want to call it..  I found some.. I even found a couple songs that I wrote many years ago and recorded.. can’t find the tapes tho.. LOL  Anyway.. Enjoy (Oh, FYI, they aren’t all happy and roses and puppy dogs.. kind of morose, and sad, but hey.. it’s just words)

I saw a sign on the 
road we call life
that read
Misery Lives Here
How unfortunate for the 
poor soul
who’s entire
existence is based on 
Three words.

Her life wasn’t easy
yet it wasn’t hell 
The anger continued to rise
til she no longer knew
the day of the week
nor the time of the day
minutes evolved into years
and she wonders 
“Where the hell have I been?”

Wallowing in misery
day after day
bringing everyone around her down
into the self pity, morose
and unhappy abyss she created 
for herself.. 
I met her once.. 
I am her.  She is me. 

These don’t have “titles”…. sorry

Words elude your mouth
that crush my heart
your thoughts escape
your lips
and rub my nose
in the splendor of your 
life with the absence of me
Save your concern
and your pity too
your heart gave
walking orders
and now you try 
to give the 
infamous consolation
prize of 
Save it for someone else.

Note:  I wonder why I have no inspiration to write anymore.. 😦

Words damaged a heart
harsh fumes from tainted lips
destroyed any kind of wall
Hope has been lost
any kind of dream has disappeared
such an unfortunate ending
to a lovely relationship
I am consumed by smoke
from nicotine of stale lungs
gave up any kind of idea
any kind of fantasy 
that life is a dream
and the doormat out front 
states “Happiness” lives here.. 
a shame
what a delusion to the world
you don’t need companionship to be 

Still debating on posting the lyrics to my song… 
Anyway.. hope ya’ll are doing well.. 



So yesterday I went to the Dr to get my MRI results..  (Ok, anyone had one recently?  Sounds like TERRIBLE techno music!!)  Anyway, pretty much what I thought.. Bone spurs again, and apparently a cyst and a bunch of swelling..  Oh well.   My leg.. it’s healing.. Still.  Apparently it is going to take up to a year, (I think I mentioned that before) before things are ‘normal’.  Well, all of that is fine and dandy.. I actually don’t care about my leg or my shoulder.  I am in soo much pain from my back STILL.  Chiropractor is NOT helping.  Nor is the lovely, dig her elbows into my back “theraputic massage”..  NOTHING is working.  Stretches, stabilizer balls… nothing.  Well, pain pills are still doing a LITTLE to hide the pain.  So I told my Ortho dr yesterday that I am still in a lot of pain. There is really SOMETHING wrong with my back.  I’m tired of having to take pain pills to sleep at night..   When the crash occurred… the podunk emergency room took ONE xray of my back.  What they DID get was equivalent to xraying my wrist to see what’s up with my back.  No way, no how to see anything from the angel they got..  So, I am going to have another MRI done, but this time on my entire back.  I’m kind of glad actually. I just want to know what the hell is wrong with me.  I’m tired of hurting. 

Reunion Pt 2..

So went to my reunion on Saturday night…  Wow.. what a Great time.. It’s amazing how much people are different.  What I mean is, some look like the EXACT same since high school, then there are others who have changed soo much.  Like one of my friends, I swear he looks IDENTICAL to high school… and he even said the same of me..  just kinda weird.  Anyway, had a blast.. Saw sooo many people I haven’t seen in almost 2 decades..   It was fun..  

Just to get something off my chest..  I’m at the point again, where so called “friends” really aren’t.  You know.. they want you around when you can DO for them, but man, they are the first ones to shit on you.  And how quickly that happens.  Whatever.  People are assholes.  Maybe a move to another state is coming in order.  Start over without the idiots that bring me and my happiness down.  *SIGH*