So yesterday I went to the Dr to get my MRI results..  (Ok, anyone had one recently?  Sounds like TERRIBLE techno music!!)  Anyway, pretty much what I thought.. Bone spurs again, and apparently a cyst and a bunch of swelling..  Oh well.   My leg.. it’s healing.. Still.  Apparently it is going to take up to a year, (I think I mentioned that before) before things are ‘normal’.  Well, all of that is fine and dandy.. I actually don’t care about my leg or my shoulder.  I am in soo much pain from my back STILL.  Chiropractor is NOT helping.  Nor is the lovely, dig her elbows into my back “theraputic massage”..  NOTHING is working.  Stretches, stabilizer balls… nothing.  Well, pain pills are still doing a LITTLE to hide the pain.  So I told my Ortho dr yesterday that I am still in a lot of pain. There is really SOMETHING wrong with my back.  I’m tired of having to take pain pills to sleep at night..   When the crash occurred… the podunk emergency room took ONE xray of my back.  What they DID get was equivalent to xraying my wrist to see what’s up with my back.  No way, no how to see anything from the angel they got..  So, I am going to have another MRI done, but this time on my entire back.  I’m kind of glad actually. I just want to know what the hell is wrong with me.  I’m tired of hurting. 

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