Found some things..

Ok so awhile back I mentioned I would find some more of the poetry, words, whatever you want to call it..  I found some.. I even found a couple songs that I wrote many years ago and recorded.. can’t find the tapes tho.. LOL  Anyway.. Enjoy (Oh, FYI, they aren’t all happy and roses and puppy dogs.. kind of morose, and sad, but hey.. it’s just words)

I saw a sign on the 
road we call life
that read
Misery Lives Here
How unfortunate for the 
poor soul
who’s entire
existence is based on 
Three words.

Her life wasn’t easy
yet it wasn’t hell 
The anger continued to rise
til she no longer knew
the day of the week
nor the time of the day
minutes evolved into years
and she wonders 
“Where the hell have I been?”

Wallowing in misery
day after day
bringing everyone around her down
into the self pity, morose
and unhappy abyss she created 
for herself.. 
I met her once.. 
I am her.  She is me. 

These don’t have “titles”…. sorry

Words elude your mouth
that crush my heart
your thoughts escape
your lips
and rub my nose
in the splendor of your 
life with the absence of me
Save your concern
and your pity too
your heart gave
walking orders
and now you try 
to give the 
infamous consolation
prize of 
Save it for someone else.

Note:  I wonder why I have no inspiration to write anymore.. 😦

Words damaged a heart
harsh fumes from tainted lips
destroyed any kind of wall
Hope has been lost
any kind of dream has disappeared
such an unfortunate ending
to a lovely relationship
I am consumed by smoke
from nicotine of stale lungs
gave up any kind of idea
any kind of fantasy 
that life is a dream
and the doormat out front 
states “Happiness” lives here.. 
a shame
what a delusion to the world
you don’t need companionship to be 

Still debating on posting the lyrics to my song… 
Anyway.. hope ya’ll are doing well.. 


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