One more..

Hey I found one more I wanted to share.. .this is one of my favourites.. 

You complain “Always” 
That all I do is wrong
I tend to forget
that you are Perfect. 
I am obviously NOT in this league
that you call the real world
nor will i be
what a shame that 
i am regarded
as LESS than you
when we were ALL 
created equal.
Equality is obviously
NOT in your vocabulary
A shame it is that you
perceive such faults
as not as perfect as you
I’m sorry that you 
feel the need the make
or prove yourself “better”
by making
my life “less” than yours.. 
Treating me like garbage
and your psychological
mind games are merely
juvenile toys you play with
to make me feel unworthy.  
Game over.  I win.

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