So when is one too “old” to make a career change??  I am going to be doing so very soon.  I am currently awaiting the money for my tax returns, and will then take on a new venture.  I am actually VERY excited.  I have been working with computers for literally 23 years.  I am kinda bored now.  Like REALLY bored.  So, after some soul searching (no, Taco Bell manager ain’t gonna cut it, and I thought about professional beer drinker.. but… doesn’t pay all that great.  haha ) I have found something that I think will be PERFECT for me.  I will be starting a new training course, hopefully by the end of this month, where I will be learning the following:  Background Investigations, Investigative Records and Resources, Asset Investigation, Business and Criminal Intelligence, and Investigating By Computer, Skip Tracing, Missing Persons, Parental Kidnapping Investigation, Bounty Hunting, Process Serving and Automobile Repossession, Surveillance and Surveillance Photography, Vehicle Surveillance, Foot Surveillance, and Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Workman’s Comp Investigation, Arson Investigation, Interviewing and Interrogating, Report Writing and Testifying in Court, Employee Theft, Shoplifting Detection, Undercover Investigation, Industrial Espionage, and Computer Crime Investigation, Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training, Arrest Tactics, Foot and Vehicle Pursuit Tactics.  So, As you can see.. there is A LOT for me to learn, and once I complete the course (I am shooting for 4 months) at the top of my class, I will be ready to head out into the real world and begin a new career..  Excited isn’t even the beginning of it.  I am beyond excited.  So, wish me luck, because I’m gonna need it..  

Ya’ll have a great day!!

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