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So what’s new with all of you?? Things are going fairly well over here..  Sad news this morning that Natasha Richardson didn’t survive the brain injury.  She was great.  The kid saw her picture on the internet that she had passed and said “Hey Mom, I know her.. she was the lady in the parent trap”..  Yes, she was.. well the remake anyway.  Cool that a 9 yr old kid knew about it… 

Anyhoo.. My brother got a DUI where he lives now, I don’t recall if I mentioned that..  (I’m pretty sure a lot of you know he’s had more than one… but this is his first in another state.)  Anyway, so sentencing … he was supposed to have some guy calling the family and friends for like interviews I guess about my brother.  Never happened.  Kinda sucks because the judge takes that into consideration.  Anyway, long story short, he was informed he was lookin at anywhere between 6 months (and laughed) to up to like 5 years..  FIVE YEARS!?!?!?   Anyway, he was sentenced.  There was a visiting judge.. That kids luck I tell ya..  He got 90 days.  😀  Yay.  That is fantastic.   
Let’s see… my sister.  She’s doing pretty good now too.. saw my nieces on um… saturday I think?  they are getting sooo big.  I think I’m going to have to hook up with her to get the girls “spring” pictures together.. 😀 
I go to the ortho today to get the results of my MRI on my back from last week.  Not looking forward to it.  I called to just see if they had the results, and the nurse starts to read thru the report kind of out loud..  I hear “let’s see.. looks like there’s a fracture… ” stops right there and says Ok, so you need to make an appt to see the dr asap.  Ya. I knew that. Kinda thru a wrench in my not so optimistic outlook on my prognosis.  LOL  Anyway, cool.. I go today to see what they say.  I’m sure it’s all great, and I just have to take pain pills til I die.  Is that so bad?  😉  
Having a joint birthday this weekend with my neighbor (his bday too) so have some friends coming out and going to bbq a nice big pork BUTT for some pulled pork samiches.  CAN’T WAIT.  Hope ya’ll have a Fantastic day!!!

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