MRI crap..

So….. went and got the results of my MRI on my back.. I KNEW something was wrong..  So I got the films last week, and I would think a monkey could tell that these vertebrae were “tweaked” or something.  And after seeing my dr … they are. 😀  Yay me.  I think.. haha. Anyway, long story short, I have like 65% compression in T4, 5 and 6.  T5 also has a crack in it.   There is a hemangioma in T2 or something… I can’t remember which one.. but I guess that is “common”.. hhmmmm ok.

So, nothing they can do for the crack.. and I really don’t think that hurts.. It’s the three discs that are squeezing together, and pinching all the nerves between my shoulder blades.  I asked if this could “fix itself”.. he said Yes.. I asked how long it takes.. he said Not too long, how long has it been?  I said “OH, 5 months now.. ”  he then said “Oh, good Lord (insert my name), why didn’t we do this sooner?  You need to see this specialist, which is really good and my competition no less…”  So, I guess, I don’t fix myself real easy.  HAHA  Anyway, what do you do.. I got some stronger pain meds for night time, so that I can sleep thru the night and not wake up every 15 – 20 minutes.  Talked to my motherly figure, and she suggested to do the surgery.  She said the injections wouldn’t last but a couple months.. Said I could do it on a friday and go back to work on monday..  Seems IMPOSSIBLE.. but I’ll wait to see what the Doc says..  
Shitty news, but hey, I’m glad I know what’s wrong now.  I *THINK* haha  
This weekend, is a joint birthday party for me and my neighbor.  He’s younger tho.. 😦 So, that should be fun.  BBQin a pork butt (did you know that a pork butt is not really a butt?  which is going cuz I’m not all hip on eating a pig’s ass…. )  Pulled pork samiches!!  WOO HOO  Next weekend, going camping.  Back on my baby.. I love my quad.  😀
Anyhow, ya’ll have a super weekend!!  Oh, watch this..  HILARIOUS!  Hope it makes your day!

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