Another Day??

So today is my birthday.  Just another day ..  Don’t feel any different or older… hell I don’t really even feel my real age a lot of the time.  (Lately I do because my body is broken.. LOL)  Anyway.. So I get to go see the “vertebral specialist” next friday to find out what he’s going to do for my back.  I’ll tell you, as an adult, I find it rather humorous the things that I begin to look forward to!  I am actually excited to go see this guy to see if he can actually FIX me!!  LOL LIke, counting down days.. pretty pathetic huh?  It’s Ok.. I’m excited. 😀   

So anyway, been a really busy week, but that’s good..  I am ordering the first 1/2 of my training next week, so I am REALLY super excited.. and a little nervous.. scary making big changes… 
Taking off today to take the kid camping/riding.  Some friends are coming out to the desert so it should be a great weekend..  OH!! Almost forgot.. some friends brought me a gift for being born, last night, and OH. MY. GOSH. this stuff is great.  It’s a belgian (I think) beer and it’s called CHIMAY.  There are three labels.. a cream one, a burgundy one and a blue one.  The blue label, wow.. that is some damn fine beer.  They also gave me the burgundy label one, but haven’t tried it yet.  I’ll take that this weekend..  
Hope ya’ll have a fantastic weekend..   Peace. 

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