Hello all!  Hope ya’ll are doing well.  My birtday was lovely.  Went out to the desert, relaxed in the dirt all weekend.. made some new friends.. (always fun)!  Got back on the quad for a real ride.. and it was good.  No injuries, but man I’m sore!! Forgot how much work it is.. 😀  I feel great.  

Anyway, so we met some new people, and they gave us a bunch of jello shooters.. After drinking beers all day (Corona, Miller Lite, Chimay and Frambois) I had about 15 jello shots..   Oh Boy.. Talk about a HORRIBLE headache..  Ya, soo not doing that again.  
Regardless, it was a mucho fun weekend.  Oh, and a friend of mine, known forever (did I mention our fight on here in the last month??) came out as well.  Didn’t know she was coming.  Stupid juvenile antics ensued… then we talked.. went well.  Back to normal yet again.  Good Times.. 
Anyway, hope all is going well.. Have a Faboo week!!
OOOH!  I put another site over under the cool sites to the right.  Its called tweekerseeker.. it’s about an anonymous bounty hunter.. Cool shit if you’re into that stuff… check it out. 
An update:  The maroon label for CHIMAY… not as good as the blue… just lettin ya know. 😉

Anyone twitter??

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