So, I’m a little PISSED this morning.. When last spoke to nurse regarding surgery tomorrow, I was informed that it would be at the hospital, not an outpatient center and that it would take about 45 minutes.  Cool.. I can deal with that.  Well, now the hospital nurse calls to ask questions.. like “so what brings you in tomorrow?”.. Ok, really!?!  Do you not read all the information BEFORE you call people!?!?  And really, what does it matter if I have 7 or 32 tattoos?  They are all over a year old, so who really cares WHERE they all are.  Besides all of the STUPID, IGNORANT questions, I have been informed that now, rather than being outpatient, I am now INPATIENT and that I would not be going home and that the surgery is not 45 minutes, but 2 1/2 HOURS!  Oh, and I’ll be on some medication and in the hospital for about 3 days.  What happened to “simple procedure?”  I’m a little concerned now.  So this is for my back… am I going to leave the hospital with a tummy tuck and new boobies rather than a back surgery!??!  (ok, that might be alright.. ) Anyway, no idea what to expect now, but if need be, I will be signing myself out of the hospital thursday after the surgery.. I gotta work Friday. 

Do you ever..

So.. I just noticed that I start almost all entries with so..  kinda funny..  Ha! I got my replacement iPhone on Friday.  Talk about a kid in a candy store.  I was just beside myself.  I paid LESS than I did for the last one, and I got the 16GB rather than 8GB.  YAY ME!!!  I forgot how long it takes to “modify” it to my liking.. LOL

Anyway.. Do you ever have one of those days, where you feel SOOO many emotions all at once, (all good feelings), but just can’t put a word (or words) to describe it?  I have had a few of these days here recently..  One of them being my kid..  Again, I don’t know “words” to describe the feelings I have..  I mean, you LOVE your significant other.. and you are “in love” as well…  I am not sure what’s goin on here, but I can’t get enough of my kid. Like I am totally in love with my kid..  She makes me smile soo big.. I am so proud of her.   She just got Student of the Month for march..  How on earth a kid that gets busted for talking all the time gets that award.. hahaha  Took her to the beauty shop saturday so we could get our hair done.. Hers was pretty bad.. and her bangs were just waay too long.. So, we both got a hair cut.. Well, I got like an inch off, so just a trim and she got maybe 2 inches, and now she has bangs.. 😀  I am sooo happy.. she looks beautiful.. just gorgeous.  Anyway, it was a great day.. went shopping.. she needed summer clothes pretty bad.. Children’s place has some great clothes, and pretty decent prices..  

Sunday, she and I went to Red Robin because she got her Student of the month award, which gave her a free kids meal..  I hate Red Robin, and sunday just proved it.  Service was terrible, servers were NOT very pleasant, and they got the entire order wrong.  Meh.  Anyway, we just hung out and watched movies the rest of the day.  When it was time for bed.. she asked me to cuddle with her til she fell asleep… of course, I did.. and I fell asleep too.. what a perfect ending to a great weekend.. 🙂  LOVE my kid!!


So, it’s been a pretty good week.. Kinda random and funny actually.. Monday was pretty good.. worked, watched some movies, could NOT go to sleep.. was up til about 145am, then finally fell asleep (pretty sure.. ) and was up at 545am for work.  Wonder of wonders, I wasn’t TIRED.  Kinda nice actually.  Maybe I’m getting too much sleep.. is that possible?  Anyway.. Oh!  My friend.. seems she fractured TWO bones, and another one got “pushed back”..  So the specialist pulled it forward and it’s in a splint now.. til like tuesday.  And she’s off work.. how nice is that to have like a bazillion sick hours and be able to veg out for a whole week and do nothing..  I hate that she’s hurt, but I’m jealous of that.. 😀 

So, let’s see Tuesday was pretty cool.. found out my next door neighbors close escrow somewheres else on May 5th.. THAT makes me sad.. we just start hanging out and playing beer pong a lot, and become quite good friends, and they are leaving.. about 4 houses on the street hung out that night, and she decided that she doesn’t want to leave now.. that sucks.. Because, I think I am going to move also.  Not for anything about the neighborhood (LOVE IT) or the people, they are fantastic.. it’s the house.  HATE IT.  No carpet etc.. I’ve mentioned the multitude of reasons I don’t like it before..  So.. found a place that I like it’s 1/2 an acre and has a tack room for the kid to play in.. LOL  Nice place and it’s a couple hundred cheaper!!  So, gonna go check it out this weekend.. Anyway, so yesterday (wednesday).. what a random funny day.  Started out, me and the kid were getting coffee at 7-11.  She knows how to make my coffee for me, and so we got the hazelnut creamer little thingys and I have NO idea what I was thinking, I was opening them and pouring them into the trash… The kid says “Mom.. aren’t those supposed to go in the cup?”… we were laughing sooo loud, and even Snorting!  It was hilarious!  So, that started the day, and long story short.. it was a great day… hung out with the kid, had a great time… laid with her in bed last night til she talked herself to sleep… My heart is sooo full and I can’t think of a word to describe the feeling.. Sooo much love..   So today.. I am going to take a late lunch and go take some Nachos to the kid and have lunch with her at school..  She said “We can sit at the peanut free table and eat together mom”..  Yay.. allergy free lunch.   Love her.


So.. I hope everyone had a great weekend…  I did for the most part.. LOL  Went camping, even tho everyone wussed out.. No matter, it’s always fun.. My girlfriend got to come out so that was waay cool..  Even met new people and hung out and rode with them.. The kid made friends too..  Worked out beautifully..  I “almost” lost my phone. Well, not physically lost, but lost as in phone death.  My iPhone is my life.. it has EVERYTHING on it. Anyway, when we were out in the desert this weekend my phone fell out of my pocket right into the ice chest.. which was full of beer and ice and water.. 😦 Anyway, I got a beer, it fell in, then I HAPPENED to see lights in the chest when i was closing it.. Opened it back up and fished for my phone and got it. DAMN IT. Anyway, it started going nuts, so I tapped the crap out of it to get the water out, took off the iFrogz case, and then put it between two slices of bread and a bag of rice. I left it in there overnight.. it was pretty hot out there, like 90 degrees.. so the next day, I got it from the bag, turned it on, and it worked.. TOTALLY amazed. There was a LOT of water “spots” under the glass tho.. kinda looked like snow camo LOL Anyway, this morning, turned it on, and it’s 100% back to normal.. no quirks, no nothing. I am convinced, if it weren’t for the iFrogz Luxe case, it would have fried. Check them out HERE They also have cases for iPods and stuff too.. GREAT cases.. So, anyway, my friend was out with us, and I showed her how to ride my quad.. (not a normal quad, as I don’t have the thumb throttle.. it’s a twist throttle like a motorcycle, which makes it more difficult to “hang on” to.. ) She was doing GREAT!! (on flat ground.. 😉 ) So she goes off to try some different places, and ended up fracturing her wrist.. 😦 I felt soooo bad.. She’s never broken anything, and this happens. The good thing is, she’s not afraid to get back on.. so she’s coming with me again.. she really did enjoy being out there, and relaxing with no cell service and no worries, and even riding.. I hope one day she forgives me.. 😉

So the kid made new friends, and exchanged phone numbers, so that we could go out again.. We are very much looking forward to that.. Except for the fact that it’s spring and it’s starting to heat up out there.. it was 90 degrees this weekend.. SUNBURNED to the max too.. HAHA Anyway, it was a great time.. Oh, and found this lizard thing.. I swear it could have killed me.. my dog wanted to kill it.. it was HUGE! I’ve never seen a lizard thing this big.. could have been a gila monster! I mean, it wasn’t but I’ll see if I can upload the pic even tho it won’t do it justice.. Oh and found a horny toad lizard too.. actually caught that after my friend ran it over.. LOL
All in all, fun times.. Have a great week.. Later.


Hope everyone is doing well..  I’m in one of those low points on the shitty rollercoaster.  Nothing is going right.  There is only so much a person can do to bear the brunt of EVERY single thing.  I mean come on.. I can only say I’m sorry for the things that I am at fault for.  WHY should I have to apologize because others are shitty!?  Getting kinda tired of that crap.  Anyway.. Surgery is scheduled for the 30th.  Incisions, balloons and cement in my back. Good Times.  I *THINK* I am going camping this weekend, altho I’m not sure now.  Even took friday off to have some extra time out there.  But of course, people are assholes, so who knows… 

I have seen a bunch of movies lately.. I watched the Changeling.  Pretty good.. I mean, I know it’s a true story I guess I would have like to see more of the backstory of the actual murderer (Northcott ?)  Anyway, I can’t imagine searching for my child til the day I died.. I couldn’t imagine losing her.  Makes you think.   Anyway, I also FINALLY saw Twilight.  It was decent.  I really don’t like Robert Pattinson as an actor.  He was ok in Harry Potter.. but he didn’t work for me in Twilight.  Anway, I’m sure I’ll go see the next one as well.. 🙂  Oh… A REALLY good one, was Seven Pounds.  I like Will Smith for the most part (Sorry but Hancock kind of ruined him for me) this movie was … just great.  I loved the plot and just the whole thing.  I was even thrown a bit a few times.. I like that in a movie.  When you REALLY don’t expect something.  Anyway, loved it.  The latest movie I saw was Marley & Me. I know it got a LOT of bad reviews, but I don’t really follow reviews.. I really liked it.. I liked how the main characters really showed how relationships evolve and what happens when you have kids etc…  but, Oh My Goodness.. the whole thing about the dog just brought it home (Kudos to the writer).. My current dog now, is JUST like Marley. Ok, she doesn’t chew up couches and stuff, but she is NOT trainable LOL  She’s my baby tho.. FAMILY.  However towards the end, that brought back some memories that were nice to “feel” again.. . I lost two other dogs about 4/5 years ago… just older, and had cancer, and having to go thru that… 
Anyway, regardless of critics… Great movie.. (sniff sniff)
Hope ya’ll are doing great.. have a fantastic week.. CYA

(This one REALLY hit home today… )

“Change will never happen when PEOPLE lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are”  Bryant H McGill


So I went to see the Vertebral specialist on Friday.  Seems I have Two broken vertebrae.  I am awaiting approval now to go in and have back surgery.  They are going to put a couple balloons (are you kidding!?) in between three vertebrae to try to open them up to stop pinching nerves, and they are going to put Cement (WTH!?) in the two broken vertebrae.  This is to fill in the cracks and hopefully start healing faster.  Who knows.. At this point, all I know is that the pain pills have officially quit.  So, I am praying that it comes thru quickly and I can get in so that I can start healing… Wish me luck… 😦