Hope everyone is doing well..  I’m in one of those low points on the shitty rollercoaster.  Nothing is going right.  There is only so much a person can do to bear the brunt of EVERY single thing.  I mean come on.. I can only say I’m sorry for the things that I am at fault for.  WHY should I have to apologize because others are shitty!?  Getting kinda tired of that crap.  Anyway.. Surgery is scheduled for the 30th.  Incisions, balloons and cement in my back. Good Times.  I *THINK* I am going camping this weekend, altho I’m not sure now.  Even took friday off to have some extra time out there.  But of course, people are assholes, so who knows… 

I have seen a bunch of movies lately.. I watched the Changeling.  Pretty good.. I mean, I know it’s a true story I guess I would have like to see more of the backstory of the actual murderer (Northcott ?)  Anyway, I can’t imagine searching for my child til the day I died.. I couldn’t imagine losing her.  Makes you think.   Anyway, I also FINALLY saw Twilight.  It was decent.  I really don’t like Robert Pattinson as an actor.  He was ok in Harry Potter.. but he didn’t work for me in Twilight.  Anway, I’m sure I’ll go see the next one as well.. 🙂  Oh… A REALLY good one, was Seven Pounds.  I like Will Smith for the most part (Sorry but Hancock kind of ruined him for me) this movie was … just great.  I loved the plot and just the whole thing.  I was even thrown a bit a few times.. I like that in a movie.  When you REALLY don’t expect something.  Anyway, loved it.  The latest movie I saw was Marley & Me. I know it got a LOT of bad reviews, but I don’t really follow reviews.. I really liked it.. I liked how the main characters really showed how relationships evolve and what happens when you have kids etc…  but, Oh My Goodness.. the whole thing about the dog just brought it home (Kudos to the writer).. My current dog now, is JUST like Marley. Ok, she doesn’t chew up couches and stuff, but she is NOT trainable LOL  She’s my baby tho.. FAMILY.  However towards the end, that brought back some memories that were nice to “feel” again.. . I lost two other dogs about 4/5 years ago… just older, and had cancer, and having to go thru that… 
Anyway, regardless of critics… Great movie.. (sniff sniff)
Hope ya’ll are doing great.. have a fantastic week.. CYA

(This one REALLY hit home today… )

“Change will never happen when PEOPLE lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are”  Bryant H McGill

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