Do you ever..

So.. I just noticed that I start almost all entries with so..  kinda funny..  Ha! I got my replacement iPhone on Friday.  Talk about a kid in a candy store.  I was just beside myself.  I paid LESS than I did for the last one, and I got the 16GB rather than 8GB.  YAY ME!!!  I forgot how long it takes to “modify” it to my liking.. LOL

Anyway.. Do you ever have one of those days, where you feel SOOO many emotions all at once, (all good feelings), but just can’t put a word (or words) to describe it?  I have had a few of these days here recently..  One of them being my kid..  Again, I don’t know “words” to describe the feelings I have..  I mean, you LOVE your significant other.. and you are “in love” as well…  I am not sure what’s goin on here, but I can’t get enough of my kid. Like I am totally in love with my kid..  She makes me smile soo big.. I am so proud of her.   She just got Student of the Month for march..  How on earth a kid that gets busted for talking all the time gets that award.. hahaha  Took her to the beauty shop saturday so we could get our hair done.. Hers was pretty bad.. and her bangs were just waay too long.. So, we both got a hair cut.. Well, I got like an inch off, so just a trim and she got maybe 2 inches, and now she has bangs.. 😀  I am sooo happy.. she looks beautiful.. just gorgeous.  Anyway, it was a great day.. went shopping.. she needed summer clothes pretty bad.. Children’s place has some great clothes, and pretty decent prices..  

Sunday, she and I went to Red Robin because she got her Student of the month award, which gave her a free kids meal..  I hate Red Robin, and sunday just proved it.  Service was terrible, servers were NOT very pleasant, and they got the entire order wrong.  Meh.  Anyway, we just hung out and watched movies the rest of the day.  When it was time for bed.. she asked me to cuddle with her til she fell asleep… of course, I did.. and I fell asleep too.. what a perfect ending to a great weekend.. 🙂  LOVE my kid!!

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